August 29, 2018 – Power Work, Communications Work

niagara-falls-218591_640MERCURY INCONJUNCT PLUTO [8:39 pm pdt/ 9:39 pm mdt/ 10:39 pm cdt/ 11:39 pm edt] communications and power. working it out.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [9:54 pm pdt/ 10:54 pm mdt/ 11:54 pm cdt/ 12:54 am edt] corner out of comfort zone. Intelligence comes from all corners of life.

MOON TRINE MERCURY fantasy-3186483_640[10:02 pm pdt/ 11:02 pm mdt/ 12:02 pm cdt/ 1:02 pm edt] communications is often key, and so it is again, communications is the gift and the key today. Communicate with precision, intelligence and care, and all can go constructively.

. . . . .
chess-316658_640Author’s Note: We are hanging waiting for a judge to make a decision, affecting how much time we will have to move for pack one. The house is contaminated with high levels of green mold and its affecting all of our health–we all–those living indoors, have to do intensive mold purification, animals included and even three cats, will need mold cleansing. Spores love warm moist dark places and that is exactly what all of our bodies are! ¬†These intense transitions, especially when there are court documents involved, usually cause us both, Darrein in charge of pack two and myself, to get behind on dogfood money. This happens because so much time goes into preparing and writing court documents and counseling on how to navigate the current changes and daily happenings.