August 27, 2018 – Water Day, MARS STATIONARY DIRECT, Good Luck in midst of confusion

air-bubbles-230014_640MOON is in water pisces CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [5:04 am pdt/ 6:04 am mdt/ 7:04 am cdt/ 8:04 am edt] this starts our WATER DAY. 🙂

MARS is STATIONARY DIRECT today [7:05 am pdt/ 8:05 am mdt/ 9:05 am cdt/ 10:05 am edt] . . . when planets change directions, its often wacky, weird and sometimes wonderful as long as we can let go of the “normal things,” and go with some multi-dimensional-revelatory flow of changes. levitation-1269396_640
MOON TRINE JUPITER [7:25 am pdt/ 8:25 am mdt/ 9:25 am cdt/ 10:25 am edt] is a good luck aspect, this water, abundance, flow, connection, intimacy, feeling, fluid divine touches our human form.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [12:15 pm pdt/ 1:15 pm mdt/ 2:15 pm cdt/ 3:15 pm edt] is a power point of self-chosen-boundary, or self-chosen-power-expression, self-chosen death’s let go’s releases, and powerful steadfast motions.

May we be flexible, listen, and act in our own and the whole of the planet’s best interest.

. . . . . . . . . . . 

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