August 23, 2018 – Cap to Aquarius – Corner of Invention

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [7:19 am pdt/ 8:19 am mdt/ 9:19 am cdt/ 10:19 am edt] Fiery, directed, ready to make the new inventions needed. Sends MOON into a small morning VOID.

MOON enters Aquarius from the void [9:55 am pdt/ 10:55 am mdt/ 11:55 am cdt/ 12:55 pm edt] entering the sign of new inventions and collective movements.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [2:55 pm pdt/ 3:55 pm mdt/ 4:55 pm cdt/ 5:55 pm edt] reveals the work we have in this area of new creative inventive work.

Invention! Invention! Invention!