August 22, 2018 – Last day of Sun in Leo

MOON SQUARE VENUS [3:36 am pdt] is tension aspect right in the early morning between two feminine energies.

cascade-River-YellowflowersMOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [4:27 am pdt] is a river of energy, flowing. It can be anything. It can be delusion, illusion, or flow of abundance. Its a flow of whatever we put in it.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [5:21 am pdt] is an added expanded state of light, insight, or opening.

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO [11:46 am pdt] is powerful enough to be life or death related. It is unbounded potential power, in whatever direction we focus.

VENUS INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE [2:09 pm pdt] may be a strange even eery feeling. Creativity is an important part of these two energies in their highest. Divine sacred creativity.

SUN enters Virgo [9:08 pm pdt/ 10:08 pm mdt/ 11:08 pm cdt/ 12:08 pm edt] bringing us into the season of the Fall Equinox coming.

FULL MOON and the peak of this cycle–the light-up, is Sunday, August 26th. [4:56 am pdt/ 5:56 am mdt/ 6:56 am cdt/ 7:56 am edt]
. . . . .
Author’s Note:
Both wolf packs are on the move. What a time! Donations appreciated!