August 8, 2018 – Big Light, Expansion of Consciousness, Powerful Healing Day: Prepare for Eclipse Portal

background-3009949_640MOON SEXTILE URANUS [1:12 am pdt/ 2:12 am mdt/ 3:12 am cdt/ 4:12 am edt] is a personal revolution, choice to be free, breakthrough or ability to see “further,” than before.

Feel the shift in flow for URANUS, now RETROGRADING through the rest of the year and beyond. It is related to invisible world things, we know but cannot see, and miracle consciousness. With a retrograde, we are going back to re-see the world with new eyes, or recontact things from the past that were not complete yet. It is a quantum, multi-dimensional kind of past, though not so linear necessarily.

girl-1125318_640MOON is in mama Cancer, on its way to Leo and the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE coming on August 11th.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS pre-dawn is an electrical “buzz,” in earth and water alchemy. [1:12 am pdt/ 2:12 am mdt/ 3:12 am cdt/ 4:12 am edt]  (in the middle of the night) before we wake–its electrical.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [2:15 am pdt/ 3:15 am mdt/ 4:15 am cdt/ 5:15 am edt] provides a feeling of limitations to overcome right in the morning.

SUN INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE [4:10 am pdt/ 5:10 am mdt/ 6:10 am cdt/ 7:10 am edt] is an awkward creative flow day. There is creativity and it is sideways. There is a flow that is strange, and its still good to be alive even on strange days!

model-1216916_640VENUS OPPOSITE CHIRON [1:40 pm pdt/ 2:40 pm mdt/ 3:40 pm cdt/ 4:40 pm edt] is a charged female healing aspect. As an opposition there can be tension between two sides or two forces at play. Within each of us is a tender, sensitive part that needs healing. This is all up with this aspect. We’ve had masculine days of healing in the recent past–now for a feminine healing day.

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY [7:08 pm pdt/ 8:08 pm mdt/ 9:08 pm cdt/ 10:08 pm edt] is a light bright explosion within. Though its filled with light, sometimes its brighter than we are able to integrate! Sometimes it stretches us, causes tiredness or a feeling of “all the circuits are full!” However in spite of the often overwhelming feelings of SO MUCH ENERGY, it is a light bright explosion of goodness, communications and resurrection.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [8:43 pm pdt/ 9:43 pm mdt/ 10:43 pm cdt/ 11:43 pm edt] is an evening grace aspect. Gentle gifts, and abundance, flow, and whatever is needed to recover from the amplified electrical all power light expansion day!

MOON is dark and waning, however SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY amplifies our creative masculine directed energy. This is an interesting combination as there are some very tender vulnerable parts today along with some very strong shift-oriented aspects. Its a big energy day!

godafoss-1840758_640MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [10:42 pm pdt/ 11:42 pm mdt/ 12:42 am late night edt/ 1:42 am late night edt] is a gracious flow. A GRAND TRINE in water, between MOON, NEPTUNE and JUPITER offers abunsance, and healing in all the most divine ways.