August 5, 2018 – Fun Trines at the end of Summer

dancer-3123307_640MOON TRINE PLUTO [12:03 am pdt/ 1:03 am mdt/ 2:03 am cdt/ 3:03 am edt] is enough positive transformational force to make a new day, a great day from nomatter what was happening before today. It can all be turned over to the divine, offered up and danced into harmony.

MERCURY is closest to earth today–bringing uncontrollable focus onto communications.

MOON TRINE VENUSunicorn-1615680_640 in the early eve brings a sweet sweet Sunday night in. [4:46 pm pdt/ 5:46 pm mdt/ 6:46 pm cdt/ 7:46 pm edt]. Last aspect with Moon in Taurus, now heading to a short “venus void!”

MOON enters Gemini from the small Venus Void at [6:31 pm pdt/ 7:31 pm mdt/ 8:31 cdt/ 9:31 edt]   earth to air, we may feel like flying, from the feet-on-ground feeling of Taurus before.

pregnant-1567950_640MOON TRINE MARS [9:08 pm pdt/ 10:08 pm mdt/ 11:08 pm cdt/ 12:08 am late night edt] will add to the feelings of dancing and flying with a late night urge to move, excersize or merge with the plant kingdom and nature. Mars is allied with our raw elemental forces like wind and rain. May we dance with the elements and reweave the fabric from stress to joy, in all areas.