August 3, 2018 – Freedom, Healing of Masculine forces, Breakthrough

grandpa-519246_640MOON enters Taurus after an all  night and morning VOID between Fire and Earth, but not til [12:51 pm pdt/ 1:51 pm mdt/ 2:51 pm cdt/ 3:51 pm edt]

This time, between the FULL MOON ECLIPSE of July 27, 2018, and the NEW MOON ECLIPSE coming on August 11th in Leo, is extremely volatile, change and freedom oriented and invention-breakthrough-related.

calf-362170_640MOON SQUARE MARS [4:38 pm pdt/ 5:38 pm mdt/ 6:38 pm cdt/ 7:38 pm edt] Taurus to Aquarius is this evening with some tension, and Mars tests. Testing our frustration, anger and independence.  Mars asks for right action, and allyship with the elemental forces under all of life, to prevent the dark side of this aspect.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [5:33 pm pdt/ 6:33 pm mdt/ 7:33 pm cdt/ 8:33 pm edt] is a freedom and breakthrough aspect, in Taurus, land and solidity related. So all the solid places are breaking up and breaking through. Change is under foot.

fantasy-2995326_640MARS SEXTILE CHIRON [5:58 pm pdt/ 6:58 pm mdt /7:58 pm cdt/ 8:58 pm edt] offers a healing remedy to the masculine wounds within each one. Like an energetic healing elixir, the fabric of life is attentive to the masculine side today.

MOON TRINE SATURN [7:06 pm pdt/ 8:06 pm mdt/ 9:06 pm cdt/ 10:06 pm edt] is grounding friendly mothering aspect. The mother earth loves us, provides earth, water air and experience to us star-travelled souls.

. . . . . .

Author’s Note: Wolf pack One is moving again! Sometimes chaos creeps up. I think I have everything “under control,” and i “lose it,” (control that is!) I’m managing a wolf pack in the middle of a village and its not so bad and not so great. Its a full time job of attention. Thanks to all who assist us in our journey of social justice and animal rights for wolves and wild animals. We thank you.

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