July 5, 2018 – Big Water Luck; challenge of communications and action; in the charged eclipse field

candles-1645551_640SUN TRINE JUPITER [4:04 am pdt/ 5:04 am mdt/ 6:04 am cdt/ 7:04 pm edt] offers a light into ourselves, our creativity, our own self healing, our own inner light.

[4:48 am pdt/ 5:48 am mdt/ 6:48 am cdt/ 7:48 am edt]team-386673_640is a communications and action challenge, or test of commitment or ability. With vigilance and focus, like all eclipse fields call forth from us, this aspect calls it more precisely in our skills, actions and communications responsiveness to issues that may arise.

[7:56 am pdt/ 8:56 am mdt/ 9:56 am cdt/ 10:56 am edt]kids-1508121_640is a corner of intelligence-seeking? Can we be smart today?

MOON SEXTILE MARS[2:29 pm pdt/ 3:29 pm mdt/ 4:29 pm cdt/ 5:29 pm edt] invites right actionladybug-3475779_640and syncronistic timing as nature would intend it for all of us. Mars is allied with nature.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [3:38 pm pdt/ 4:38 pm mdt/ 5:38 pm cdt/ 6:38 pm edt] is a grace aspect to assist us with any challenges of the day or week or eclipse portal. Our mouth again can save the day or mess it up!

. . .

Authors Note:

The whole pack escaped TWIce before dawn on Independence Day; as we call it! They were independent too! Even though there were more people on the streets than ever, the pack was not interested. Only in creek and mountains, trees and raccoons, deer and hallowed places in the ground. They had a fun day!

Donations to feed pack two are needed!


July 4, 2018 – The wound and key to independence day? CHIRON STATIONARY RETROGRADE – Healing Shift of Direction, Going Back

balance-110850_640MOON SEXTILES PLUTO early this morning–a graceful inner power stabilizing aspect–[2:47 am pdt/ 3:47 am mdt/ 4:47 am cdt/ 5:47 am edt] bringing us to a place “between the worlds,” good for meditation and unusual moments in time.

wave-64170_640CHIRON is STATIONARY to go RETROGRADe today [7:50 pm pdt/ 8:50 pm mdt/ 9:50 pm cdt/ 10:50 pm edt]. This focus and directional shift on the part of this “wounded healer planet” for each of us–fills the day with Chiron energy. The energy that asks us to look at ourselves and where we hurt or where our soul aches for something. These places hold wisdom and motivation for us. The motivation to heal, to learn and to master healing issues.massage-835468_640As this wounded healer planet turns back, we can heal many of our “ills of the past,” on all levels, personally and collectively. Here we go healing the past.
MOON is VOID all day on this “Independence Day,” 4th of July!

a VOID is appropriatesparkler-801902_640 for the 4th of July, because we all take the day off! and celebrate something. With a strong pluto aspect–what are we really celebrating ? begs to be asked.

MOON enters Aries [9:49 pm pdt/ 10:49 pm mdt/ 11:49 pm cdt/ 12:49 pm edt] from water to fire!fire-and-water-2354583_640We leap from feelings to inspiration, and creativity! Wooooop. 

July 3, 2018 – Water Trines – Charged Eclipse Field

grunts-1430230_640SUN in Cancer TRINE MOON in Pisces is a nice aspect for this day! [9:58 am pdt/ 10:58 am mdt/ 11:58 am cdt/ 12:58 pm edt] Its harmonious and happy like we are “swimming with our school o fishies!”

MOON TRINE JUPITER [1:21 pm pdt/ 2:21 pm mdt/ 3:21 pm cdt/ 4:21 pm edt] is more grace, and creates a GRAND TRINE in water! Jupiter is in Scorpio and expanding each one’s power center.school-1886811_640

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in planet’s water sign, Pisces: [7:19 pm pdt/ 8:19 pm mdt/ 9:19 pm cdt/ 10:19 pm edt] is more water and more flow! Fluidity is the key of today, and all water days!
. . . . . 

Authors Note: It’s an exciting time at Heart of a Wolf Educational and Research Sanctuary : both pack one and pack two with their respective caretakers; are making entry into “new territory”: this is in actual physical space, as well as “learning the ropes,” of finding the right allies, partners and collaborators to be sustainable. It has been a long, “moment by moment”, day by day, arduous journey for each of us, and that continues, though breaking new ground in finding a better way, every day. Thank you to all my astrological readers who have supported these animals along with me; for some years now! As always, your financial contributions assist us in nourishing and sustaining one intact, happy family of Red Wolf dogs. We are aiming to have all proper permitting and legal paperwork done soon! Wish us luck!

Donations to the wolf pack:

Here; Thankyou!

July 2, 2018 – Entering Eclipse Charged Field – Monday of miracles, communications and good work

MOON is still VOID
 from yesterday, until [10:31 am pdt/ 11:31 am mdt/ 12:31 pm cdt/ 1:31 pm edt].fish-378286_640So its a funny monday early.  Entering Pisces at this time, the MOON is still bright, though releasing energy.

This bright MOON SEXTILES URANUS at [2:38 pm pdt/ 3:38 pm mdt/ 4:38 pm cdt/ 5:38 pm edt]  inviting miracles and shifts that are radical in nature, as all uranian aspects do.

musician-664432_640MERCURY INCONJUNCT SATURN [4:48 pm pdt/ 5:48 pm mdt/ 6:48 pm cdt/ 7:48 pm edt] reminds us that communications though they can be awkward, uncomfortable, or we may resist them, they do make peace, move the world and assist us in all ways. Meditation assists this aspect, as it does every aspect, though especially helpful for ones like this affecting, particularly, our mind and its mouth.

fishing-164977_640Today we enter the “10 days before an eclipse,” that is an ancient understanding of a window of time when we “handle with care,” and batton down the hatches, “preparing for anything.” In truth, the magnetic and electrical energies on the planet are in extreme transition, flux and affectation. This does trickle down into other aspects of life as forms of chaos, re-arranging, and the need for extra vigilant attention and presence.

running-498257_640During an “eclipse time,” its good to be “as prepared as possible,” heading into it, so that we give ourselves extra resource, so that as the eclipse field is passing, we have what we need for the squeeze times in the field that we walk through.
. . . . .
Author’s Note: In preparation for the upcoming “squeeze times,” I’ve written blogs in advance woo hoo! (my planned time for writing the whole year out, was usurped by an unexpected two weeks in jail for dog tickets and an accidentally missed court date in Taos, in the middle of my writing block in January!)–it has caused a “catch up,” sensation for me where blogs are written each day, instead of all in advance the way I had planned! It feels so so good on multiple levels to get blogs done in advance! Check out the Eclipse coming (you can click on blogs ahead, from the calendar also).

July 1, 2018 – Creative Challenge morning to VOID later today

paint-2985569_640MOON is in Aquarius, post FULL MOON, waning now. Energy is lessening, in both Sun and Moon, coming off of peaks of light.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [1:03 am pdt/ 2:03 am mdt/ 3:03 am cdt/ 4:03 m edt] might be a piece of money or home-base expansion work.

VENUS INCONJUNCT PLUTO [4:59 am pdt/ 5:59 am mdt/ 6:59 am cdt/ 7:59 am edt] is a potentially inconvenient art and power need to be creative.child-865116_640

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [3:56 pm pdt/ 4:56 pm mdt/ 5:56 pm cdt/ 6:56 pm edt] emphasizes the call to creativity on behalf of our inner self and home life. There is a fruition energy in this opposition of bringing something creative we are doing into flowering, or into fruition.

MOON is VOID the rest of the day until tomorrowgraffiti-1380108_640late morning/mid-day, when it enters Pisces. (so it may be a slow-start Monday morning). MOON leaves the VOID and enters Pisces, tomorrow at [10:31 am pdt/ 11:31 am mdt/ 12:31 pm cdt/ 1:31 pm edt]

beach-933297_640Tomorrow, July 2, is the opening of the tightest window of the transformative Eclipse-time.
This is often shadow revealing and purging. It is a time when the archetype of Kali, rises up and has a need to make boundaries and communicate clearly on behalf of life herself, within us and around us. This is often an intensely testing time, which can be disruptive or disorienting. It is highly important in these windows, to pay extra attention to the things we care about, take care walking and driving to paying attention to every step and to every force around us. These windows of eclipse time require more vigilance, to prevent small or large disasters, or to move and respond, when they happen.

PurpleEclipseThe NEW MOON partial SOLAR ECLIPSE takes place in the sign of Cancer on July 12th. This is the first eclipse point of three, each in two week succession. So for the next six weeks we are in a transformational life-death-rebirth-powered eclipse portal. May the source of wisdom and goodness be our guiding light. May we allow the cathartic power of the eclipse portal to purifiy us and move us to a higher more authentic place. May we let go of all that is being removed, may we release what is departing and invite what is arriving. This is transition time!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
wolf-3158282_640Author’s Note: Pack one has finally gotten tired of their fenced enclosure after about a month, and is escaping and chasing deer and going to the creek to find raccoon nests. I’m certain there are plenty of deer and raccoon around here, but its not really ok for them to run and kill things around people. I imagine its ok in the bigger picture for the creator and for them, but for people, its not ok, so we are on the look out for the next location for pack one, in the Rocky Mountain area, that borders national forest or BLM land. We are currently in Pagosa Springs in the middle of a village, so it is and always was a “temporary leaping spot,” to get us to the Rocky Mountains, which is where I want to be! Please pass the word–we are looking for a better more remote, wilderness location in or near the Rocky Mountains for pack one to move to. We meet with the Judge this month to discuss permitting and laws and working out legal animal issues with the city. This is the first time there are no opposing parties, neighbors or landlords who are attacking or asking us to leave. Instead people seem curious and open to these kinds of animals. A lot of people around here have large dogs, huskies or wolf hybrids themselves–so I feel like we are in a friendly area. Now to work out all the permitting required, the legal logistics and the next better wilderness property! We will be launching more fundraising efforts to hold ongoing “safety, place and food,” for this breed of “Mackenzie’s,” which are a kind of wolf dog, (that we have) that are a Red Wolf (in our case) mixed with a service-related animal. In this case, a Newfoundland is what makes up this particular line of “Mackenzie” dogs. I am looking into paperwork to create an official breed, that will be much like a “Husky.” Mackenzie’s are more known in Michigan where they are famous for their “masked face,” and relationship with human beings.

Pack two is still awaiting transport to Maine. There is meat, in freezers, fences being built and a set up for them in Maine. We just need the resources now to get them to their new home! Please pass the word to anyone who might care enough about this species to assist them. We who are already in service to them are doing everything we can and giving everything we have and we do still need some more participation and input for their survival and wellbeing. “It takes a village to keep a species safe.”
Donations: www.Paypal.me/Starlove