July 31, 2018 – Last Day of July

sea-3058780_640MOON is in Pisces CONJUNCT NEPTUNE for an increase in water flow. This can be tears, laundry, dishes, or the need to water everything. It can be rain, or emotional flow, however there is today–flow.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [7:27 am pdt/8:27 am mdt/ 9:27 am cdt/ 10:27 am edt] is a friendly powerful aspect that is supportive of all the catharsis we are in now.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS arm-wrestling-569288_640[3:42 pm pdt/ 4:42 pm mdt/ 5:42 pm cdt/ 6:42 pm edt] is a test or challenge between two energies. Its “workin it out” time.

The eclipses intensify everything. Mercury retrograde adds humorous light-hearted mix-ups, or little losses that may mess up our plans. May we always see the world through glasses of love, faith, temperence and kindness. 

July 27, 2018 – FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Aquarius

alien-1905155_640MOON enters Aquarius from yesterday’s VOID at [3:41 am pdt/ 4:41 am mdt/ 5:41 am cdt/ 6:41 am edt]

Today is a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE (the second of three eclipses in this window). The time of the FULL MOON ECLIPSE today is [1:20 pm pdt/ 2:20 pm mdt/ 3:20 pm cdt/ 4:20 pm edt]

MOON SQUARE URANUS [8:47 am pdt/ 9:47 am mdt/ 10:47 am cdt/ 11:47 am edt] and MOON CONJUNCT MARSwarrior-563172_640[11:48 am pdt/ 12:48 pm mdt/ 1:48 pm cdt/ 2:48 pm edt] These aspects create volatility around this eclipse. There is wild energy, and potentially big big changes.

MARS will SQUARE URANUS on August 1. So we are in this active revolutionary square dynamic now, for a week or so. Handle with care and genius, invisible world prayers and intuitive listening.

VENUS TRINE PLUTO [6:26 pm pdt/ 7:26 pm mdt/ 8:26 pm cdt/ 9:26 am edt] is a power aspect about creative genius and power.silhouette-1325334_640We are gentle loving creators and nomatter what happens we can call upon our own power of heart, and creativity to do whatever needs to be done this next week. This is a powerful aspect for successes and overcoming challenges.

May the source of wisdom and right action be with you.
. . . . . . .
Author’s Note: 
We are moving again! This move is a good one. We are very excited! We invite you to participate! Come visit at the new location and contribute here to our next move! We have fence-building ahead of us! All donations welcome!

Note: see tomorrow’s blog for more details on this Mercury Retrograde cycle. 

July 26, 2018 – HAPPY MAYAN NEW YEAR! Sweet Morning into a VOID before the FULL MOON ECLIPSE

calendar-1294209_640HAPPY NEW YEAR in Mayan Time! It looks like this year is starting with a Red Lunar Seed, but I’m not sure because I’m not an expert in Mayan Astrology–however this awesome woman is, and she sells a Mayan calendar: here: http://www.13moon.com/products.htm (I dont make any money from her sales, however I like her a lot and love to support her work at this time of year!) 

MOON TRINE VENUS [3:03 am pdt/ 4:03 am mdt/ 5:03 am cdt/ 6:03 am edt] is a sweet morning and pre-dawn. Its almost sensuous, like soft sheets and deeply beautiful pinks on soft things, pretty pies with flowers nearby.

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO [6:41 am pdt/ 7:41 am mdt/ 8:41 am cdt/ 9:41 am edt] sends the moon into the VOID for the rest of the day. This is a death/rebirth aspect and a bit intense for a VOID. Though there is a sweetness to it, there is this intense foreboding feeling, of intense and deep changes under the surface. We are in this MOON VOID the rest of the day, until it enters Aquarius–the eclipse sign, just pre-dawn on Friday (tomorrow morning). Enjoy the in-between-VOID of our very next death/rebirth! (with the Eclipse!)

MERCURY IS NOW RETROGRADE for three weeks. I’ll share more on this mercury cycle in tomorrow’s blog. This is a more productive than usual mercury retrograde. And a magical time for reviewing, redoing, re-organizing and cleaning out the closets!  Cleaning and re-aligning can bring unexpected magic or syncronicities–enjoy!

SUN INCONJUNCT SATURN [2:40 pm pdt] is a potentially awkward aspect related to tempers, anger, authority. Its good to keep our own temper tempered, and claim our own authority in every situation. Claiming our own authority means we do not give power in the form of “authority,” outside of our own inner voice. We give our inner voice, our intuition, and our own divine “God-self,” as much as we can access–our authority. If we notice that we’ve accidentally placed it on someone else outside of us, we can take it back, even if its awkward–do it. take back your power. Your authority to decide, judge and define is yours.

SUN OPPOSITE MARS [10:13 pm pdt] is a late night action aspect. There is a lot going on for an evening before Friday. This will be a volatile transformational weekend. May we all manage our own energy and the energy of others with temperance and grace nomatter what happens.

This is a cathersis weekend. Today is a peaceful preparation VOID.

Author’s NOte: THANK YOU to all those who donate here to help feed the wolf pack! We are soooo grateful. We howl for you and they eat better because of you! Thank youuuuuuooooooooo!

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July 25, 2018 – MERCURY STATIONARY RETROGRADE! Radical shift from Linear to Quantum and Circular

bird-681865_640MOON is in earthy capricorn, a naturally supportive earth sign for the solar position now: in Leo.

This is the LAST DAY in the Mayan Year as well! Tomorrow is the first day in the new Mayan Year! Click here to order a galactic Mayan new year calendar from the best Mayan time tracker I know!

AND today is the day MERCURY STATIONS, to go RETROGRADE. late night [10:03 pm pdt/ 11:03 pm mdt/ 12:03 am cdt/ 1:03 am edt] Now don’t get discouraged! This is a magical portal! All mercury retrogrades have a circular, and “quantum,” energy and this one is very kind, having its final aspect yesterday before stationing–as a TRINE to the MOON.

SUN SQUARE URANUS [4:35 am pdt/ 5:35 am mdt/ 6:35 am cdt/ 7:35 am edt] is a working square between solar energy and the invisible energies we all work with, whether in little seen computer programs, or angelic conversations.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [6:32 pm pdt/ 7:32 pm mdt/ 8:32 pm cdt/9:32 pm edt]cat-2083492_640Capricorn to Scorpio is a good money and business organizer aspect. This evening, as mercury stations, we can “go back and re-evaluate” all of our business workings, with the light of grace.

AS MERCURY STATIONS [10:02 pm pdt] can we stay conscious, and observe the shifting energies?

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [11:29 pm pdt] is a late night “go with the flow of grace,” aspect. Even though there is dimensional shifting going on, with the eclipse portal and mercury retrograde, this is a nice sleep-and peace-inducing aspect.

FRiday, July 27 is a FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Aquarius at 1:20 pm pdt. May we hold sacred space for this sacred time.

May we all “be well with our soul,” even as things rise and shift. 

July 24, 2018 – Light into the Healing places

mandala-2712538_640MOON TRINE MERCURY [1:22 am pdt/ 2:22 am mdt/ 3:22 am cdt/ 4:22 am edt] is a friendly communications and travel aspect amidst a slowing down mercury, ready to station, and change directions. This trine is the closest aspect to the retrograde, tomorrow night. [10:02 pm pdt] This friendly communications aspect sends the MOON into the VOID, until 2:48 pm pdt, when it enters Capricorn, from fiery Sagittarius. Providing grounding and saturnine gifts.

This time–within an eclipse opening–and this mystical circular aspect in time[Mercury slowing down to retrograde], opens a kind of magical doorway now.spiral-1149509_640 Anything is possible. Especially dreams and mysterious connections from the past that are also part of our future.  This day with a VOID MOON the first half of the day, or more for east coasters, is a “between the worlds,” energy where the shifts are so deep that sometimes we need “in-between,” the shift time. this is an in-between time.

water-funnel-164713_640VENUS OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [12:23 pm pdt/ 1:23 pm mdt/ 2:23 pm cdt/ 3:23 pm edt] is a fruition aspect, related to our creativity, though Neptune is watery and unformed, it is full of flow and imaginal world content. This is like a Full Water creative monty, if something is unclear, just give it time.

astronomy-1867616_640MOON TRINE URANUS [7:49 pm pdt/ 8:49 pm mdt/ 9:49 pm cdt/ 10:49 pm edt] is the invisible-world-magic that is always accessible, though a Uranus Trine is always a nice infusion of invisible world supportive links. May we utilize those angel connections, and not forget we are supported in the invisible world.

female-51551_640SUN TRINE CHIRON [10:33 pm pdt/ 11:33 pm mdt/ 12:33 am cdt late night/ 1:33 am edt late night] is a healing trine. The light of the creative loving sun, who feeds, fuels and lights up our lives, is contacting our place of deep wounding and deep healing. This place when receiving light can grow flowers, or be afraid of exposure. May we all grow flowers out of the dark places that used to haunt us.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURNadult-1867380_640 is a reset aspect. [10:46 pm pdt/ 11:46 pm mdt/ 12:46 am cdt/ 1:46 am edt late night] Late tuesday night, before Mercury stations to go retrograde tomorrow, we can tighten, boundary, clean, and release, refreshed and ready to begin again, clear and clean.
. . . . . .
wolves-221304_640Author’s Note: The wolf project continues. I think we are getting better at taking care of them. Better at dealing with challenges, more familiar with the challenges and more resilient and flexible to “go with the flow of what life offers,” in the area of wolves. I’m working on a wolf 501.C3 project website. So shifting my focus of updates and writing on the wolves to that place. I’ll provide a link here to that site when finished. Thank you all for your support. Donations here for feeding and transport, fencing and new locations (as we move a lot, as we experiment until we find the right locations). Both pack one and two are looking to purchase properties so we will be able to stop moving, and find a base.

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