July 24, 2018 – Light into the Healing places

mandala-2712538_640MOON TRINE MERCURY [1:22 am pdt/ 2:22 am mdt/ 3:22 am cdt/ 4:22 am edt] is a friendly communications and travel aspect amidst a slowing down mercury, ready to station, and change directions. This trine is the closest aspect to the retrograde, tomorrow night. [10:02 pm pdt] This friendly communications aspect sends the MOON into the VOID, until 2:48 pm pdt, when it enters Capricorn, from fiery Sagittarius. Providing grounding and saturnine gifts.

This time–within an eclipse opening–and this mystical circular aspect in time[Mercury slowing down to retrograde], opens a kind of magical doorway now.spiral-1149509_640 Anything is possible. Especially dreams and mysterious connections from the past that are also part of our future.  This day with a VOID MOON the first half of the day, or more for east coasters, is a “between the worlds,” energy where the shifts are so deep that sometimes we need “in-between,” the shift time. this is an in-between time.

water-funnel-164713_640VENUS OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [12:23 pm pdt/ 1:23 pm mdt/ 2:23 pm cdt/ 3:23 pm edt] is a fruition aspect, related to our creativity, though Neptune is watery and unformed, it is full of flow and imaginal world content. This is like a Full Water creative monty, if something is unclear, just give it time.

astronomy-1867616_640MOON TRINE URANUS [7:49 pm pdt/ 8:49 pm mdt/ 9:49 pm cdt/ 10:49 pm edt] is the invisible-world-magic that is always accessible, though a Uranus Trine is always a nice infusion of invisible world supportive links. May we utilize those angel connections, and not forget we are supported in the invisible world.

female-51551_640SUN TRINE CHIRON [10:33 pm pdt/ 11:33 pm mdt/ 12:33 am cdt late night/ 1:33 am edt late night] is a healing trine. The light of the creative loving sun, who feeds, fuels and lights up our lives, is contacting our place of deep wounding and deep healing. This place when receiving light can grow flowers, or be afraid of exposure. May we all grow flowers out of the dark places that used to haunt us.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURNadult-1867380_640 is a reset aspect. [10:46 pm pdt/ 11:46 pm mdt/ 12:46 am cdt/ 1:46 am edt late night] Late tuesday night, before Mercury stations to go retrograde tomorrow, we can tighten, boundary, clean, and release, refreshed and ready to begin again, clear and clean.
. . . . . .
wolves-221304_640Author’s Note: The wolf project continues. I think we are getting better at taking care of them. Better at dealing with challenges, more familiar with the challenges and more resilient and flexible to “go with the flow of what life offers,” in the area of wolves. I’m working on a wolf 501.C3 project website. So shifting my focus of updates and writing on the wolves to that place. I’ll provide a link here to that site when finished. Thank you all for your support. Donations here for feeding and transport, fencing and new locations (as we move a lot, as we experiment until we find the right locations). Both pack one and two are looking to purchase properties so we will be able to stop moving, and find a base.

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