July 22, 2018 – Leo Season – Creative Universal Light

lion-165063_640SUN enters Leo today, [2:01 pm pdt] and we begin the month long season of Leo. This year, Leo’s seasonal shining time is being eclipsed, by a series of three eclipses. We’ve had one, another two are coming. Eclipses are intense change portals that require extra vigilance.

MOON entered Sagittarius early am [3:12 am pdt] so its a day of moving into grand fire trine energy. fire-298115_640
VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER [2:21 am pdt] brings more creative fiery ether-filled expansion. This aspect is abundant and filled with good luck, blessings and universal love. We are all loved by the universe, who will find vehicles through which to love us.

fire-166421_1280MOON SEXTILE MARS [1:37 pm pdt] is an energizer, subtle supportive action-giver.

This day has a new beginning into fiery creativity, in dialogue with an interactive universal intelligence. May we appreciate the alchemy of being human, connected with all of life. animal-215792_1280Bless everyone as we move into even more intensified and rapid change-ful energy, filled with creativity. Our creativity and universal light’s creativity. May we expand our potential to receive the incoming grace.