July 13, 2018 – Fiery Friday the 13th

lion-1577197_640MOON enters Leo, from the eclipse sign of Cancer [10:31 am pdt/ 11:31 am mdt/ 12:31 am cdt/ 1:31 am edt] a creative fire that is freshly purified, in a cathartic new beginning.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [2:10 pm pdt/ 3:10 pm mdt/ 4:10 pm cdt/ 5:10 pm edt] offering soil to our creative needs, awkward as it may be the next steps are often in our hands.dandelion-1557110_640

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [10:12 pm pdt/ 11:12 pm mdt/ 12:12 pm cdt/ 1:12 pm edt] is a charged fiery struggle for the better. Its not always easy to build, write, believe, what we are doing, and this is a test, rise, rise, rise into what we are doing, amidst all the challenges.

VENUS TRINE SATURNafrican-1572535_640[11:44 pm pdt/ 12:44 pm mdt/ 1:44 pm cdt/ 2:44 pm edt] offers more creative grounding. There is a rythm to grounded creativity.

What is your creative rythm?