July 11, 2018 – Dark Moon before the Solar Eclipse

new-moon-2265485_640Its dark moon of the cycle and the Solar Eclipse is tomorrow! The eclipse is in Cancer at [7:48 pm pdt]. Today the MOON is Void from yesterday, until entering the soon to be eclipsed sign–Cancer. Its the mama place.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [2:09 pm pdt] is a creative stroke of energy. Feminine to feminine we are still in the kiss of summer, even if at the bottom dark of this lunar cycle.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [2:36 pm pdt] adds invisible grace to this dark of the moon. Dark moon times are release times, letting go of all that is to be let go of now.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [6:38 pm pdt] is a challenge to our work area. Eclipses ask us to be vigilant and attentive. Saturn asks for discipline.

flower-670752_1280VENUS TRINE URANUS [8:26 pm pdt] is a magic moment in our creative life. This trine is a tiny grace pump into our venusian life of love, creativity or money.

VENUS INCONJUNCT CHIRON [11:08 pm pdt] could be a strange feeling, as we freefall into the last 24 hours of the dark moon until the NEW MOON ECLIPSE tomorrow evening.

This is sacred time. May we all light candles, say prayers and do what we do in “sacred time.”