July 10, 2018 – JUPITER STATIONARY DIRECT – forward motion on grace and abundance!

We are TWO DAYS now from the SOLAR ECLIPSE! Moon is waning and its a dark moon time, though still bright in the solar cycle!

honey-1006972_640JUPITER is stationary DIRECT at [10:02 am pdt/ 11:02 am mdt/ 12:02 cdt/ 1:02 edt]. Being our good luck planet, of abundance and expansion, its nice when this energy goes from retro to direct.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY panda-3503779_640[10:23 am pdt/ 11:23 am mdt/ 12:23 pm cdt/ 1:23 pm edt] is a communications grace. With our mouth we move the world. With our mouth we make or break relationships and experiences. May we build trust, faith, beauty and collaboration!

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNEsalmon-1107404_640
 [1 pm pdt/ 2 pm mdt/ 3 pm cdt/ 4 pm edt] is an awkward slippery moment in time. Neptune squares can feel like trust walks or into the unknownathons.

Whenever a planet changes directions, (today Jupiter) there is often a slippery, or confusing or strange energy. There is literally an energetic directional shift going on at this time, and it does cause a bit of “reverberations,” in the shift of direction.

So don’t be surprised if it feels like swimming today! Sometimes back sometimes forward.
.  .  .  .
hinduism-1633815_640Author’s Note:
In honor of JUPITER DIRECT, we will be inviting larger donations from our huge community, and asking you and everyone to “pass the word,” and talk about this with people who may be able to donate larger amounrs like $1,000.  Those donations are effective in moving us forward, with the wolf work, accomplishing tasks and saving the lives of our wolf dogs when threatened! Money sometimes moves the world, so in honor of Jupiter Direct, the “kindness to wolf,” and Mackenzie project is inviting these larger donations, whenever it is a good time for you to make them. Now or another time in the year, to pledge. Thank you to all my astrological readers for all of your support with the wolf work!
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