July 9, 2018 – waning little squares

MERCURY SQUARE JUPITER may be a test of words, intention and mouth all at once. [2:13 am pdt/ 3:13 am mdt/ 4:13 am cdt/ 5:13 am edt] May we speak with reverence, grace and truth.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [9:09 am pdt] is our inner work of meditation for our creativity. Moon passed through the VOID entering Gemini [9:58 am]

VENUS enters Virgo [7:32 pm pdt]

MOON TRINE MARS [11:27 pm] is action that is unfurling naturally in the evening.

In the eclipse field, vigilance and great attention is called for! A waning moon, mars trine; watch irritability ; we can trade it for direct action.