July 8, 2018 – Flow is Power, Incarnating the Angel within

woman-3498849_640MOON SQUARE MERCURY [3:40 am pdt/ 4:40 am mdt/ 5:40 am cdt/ 6:40 pm edt] is mouth responsible moment.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [5:30 am pdt/ 6:30 am mdt/ 7:30 am cdt/ 8:30 am edt] is a call for stretch! Life can require “poses,” and “stretches,” that are unique to us and our spiritual path. May we stretch ourselves appropriately to open our baskets of abundance and joy!

action-1854202_640SUN TRINE NEPTUNE [7:42 am pdt/ 8:42 am mdt/ 9:42 am cdt/ 10:42 am edt]  invites FLOW of a grand kind. It is syncronicity, letting go of struggle, allowing grace to arrive, receiving and forgiving all witholds, to reveal ourselves in complete transparency. waterfall-1549635_640
MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE  [10:47 am pdt/ 11:47 am mdt/ 12:47 pm cdt/ 1:47 pm edt] offers a personal growth moment, including grace. We can “go with the flow” that life is presenting, even if the water is deeper than we thought to begin with!

SUN SEXTILE MOON [11:01 am pdt/ 12:01 pm mdt/ 1:01 pm cdt/ 2:01 edt] is a harmonizing aspect between masculine and feminine. We are all elivened by the summer energies. Even in a waning moon, this day is rich in nourishment and light.

angel-2665661_640MOON TRINE PLUTO in earthy signs. Taurus to Capricorn. [5:11 pm pdt/ 6:11 pm mdt/ 7:11 pm cdt/ 8:11 pm edt] invites the best of everything we have to come forward. May we descend our divine presence, our unique wisdom and our higher self into our physical feeling body!