June 4, 2018 – Void Moon all day! Freeedom! Freedom! says the Aquarius Moon!

christmas-2869903_640MOON is in Aquarius today! It’s Void all day!

The way Aquarius likes it, there is “open space,” no other aspects today!

Freedom! Choice! Spaciousness!

people-3142549_640Its time to create community in harmony and each one’s own rythm. There is “space” for diversity, there is room for everyone in the world. 

sunset-3225828_640There is a very powerful SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY tomorrow. Its a bright bright day! Communucations Wow day!

May the open space, the prayers and the grace, make open the ways and means for the new era forms and ways of being together.
. . . . 

Authors note: pack one of the sanctuary is moved and learning the new location. We are working our way toward more wilderness access in our new location. Pack two still needs to move and is waiting fir the funding to cover moving costs. All animals would love more food! Donations to feed the wolves here:


June 3, 2018 – Wild Aquarius Bright Moon with Grace

girl-2940655_640MOON CONJUNCT MARS [3:21 am pdt/ 4:21 am mdt/ 5:21 am cdt/ 6:21 am edt] adds oomph of all kinds to the MOON in Aquarius. We can watch for all the issues related to over-ignighted fire, and use temperence on all fronts, where needed, action, new beginnings and extra oomph where needed.

sheep-2372148_640MOON TRINE MERCURY [12:06 pm pdt/ 1:06 pm mdt/ 2:06 pm cdt/ 3:06 pm edt] is a supportive communications aspect. We can all get along, especially with good communications skills, honesty and transparency.

love-1840035_640SUN TRINE MOON [6:23 pm pdt/ 7:23 pm mdt/ 8:23 pm cdt/ 9:23 pm edt] is a reminder that the SUN and MOON are mythically in LOVE, at the core of creation. Creation functions on the LOVE and inter-connected support between masculine and feminine principles in creative syncrony. May we all dance this sacred love between opposites.

earth-pinkcoloredpeopleMOON SQUARE JUPITER [10:10 pm pdt/ 11:10 pm mdt/ 12:10 am late night cdt/ 1:10 am late night edt]. Can we embody more joy, more abundance, more love, more goodness? How can we stretch to receive more of the best things in life that generate expanded goodness all around? How do we work for a better life for all of us here?
. . . . .

June 2, 2018 – VOID MOON Morning, Aquarius Problem Solving Evening

lake-2063957_640VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE [1:26 am pdt/ 2:26 am mdt/ 3:26 am cdt/ 4:26 am edt] brings the dreamtime into the morning.

The MOON went VOID yesterday evening, with a MOON -PLUTO CONJUNCTION, so the MOON is VOID today, until going into Aquarius [at 3:06 pm pdt/ 4:06 pm mdt/ 5:06 pm cdt/ 6:06 pm edt].road-220058_640
MERCURY INCONJUNCT SATURN [6:16 am pdt/ 7:16 am mdt/ 8:16 am cdt/ 9:16 am edt] is an awkward moment where we communications and structure are needing changes and to work something out. Communications directed at “getting to the bottom of things,” is the directive.

swimmer-1678307_640MOON enters Aquarius then SQUARES the Aquarian ruler, URANUS [4:58 pm pdt/ 5:58 pm mdt/ 6:58 pm cd/t 7:58 pm edt] for a challenge to rise into problem solving. With a genius mind and clear intent, anything is solvable and work-out-able. Its one of those “work it out days.” 

Sometimes the in-between-world, enters this world, or dimensions merge. Its one of those days too.
. . . . .
Author’s Note:  I had an interesting day receiving a cat family. They arrived the day before. The door had flown open in the downstairs area where they were and it was cold. Two kittens were deep in battle and the mama was concerned. I had to relocate the family this morning and listen to their needs. They were all having needs. I think we solved everything. So already the aspects came through these cats in the early am.

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June 1 2018 – Dynamic First Day of June – with Cosmic Support

bird-1867066_640This June first is filled with fruition aspects and cosmic support of all kinds.

MERCURY TRINE MARS [7:13 am pdt/ 8:13 am mdt/ 9:13 am cdt/ 10:13 am edt] is a productive aspect–making this a Friday that gets so much done, its worth the whole week.

animals-46209_640VENUS TRINE JUPITER [7:28 am pdt/ 8:28 am mdt/ 9:28 am cdt/ 10:28 am edt] is a support for us to expand love and money. To open up pathways that weren’t there before, from which we can experience our own intimate dance with life.

chinese-homes-2187267_640MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [9:41 am pdt/ 10:41 am mdt/ 11:41 am cdt/ 12:41 pm edt] brings the expansion and new openings home.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUSwoman-3432069_640 [9:57 am pdt/ 10:57 am mdt/ 11:57 am cdt] is a fruition of art and a challenge to get “in rythm” with our own inner affectionate nature.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNEwater-243910_640
[11:29 am pdt/ 12:29 pm mdt/ 1:29 pm cdt/ 2:29 pm edt] is another home aspect, that includes a contact with the divine, a flow that is in harmony, a river of life, that we can be grateful for.

. . . .
Author’s Note: New things coming! What a time of transition this appears to be, related to coming out of a time of struggle for a time that returns to a rythm that feels sustainable and blessed. Donations for readings or to feed wolves: Here: www.Paypal.me/StarLove