June 24, 2018 – A Funny Sunday MOON VOID between water and fire

yin-and-yang-1947878_640MOON is in a funny place today–between Scorpio and Sagittarius–right at the crossing. Its VOID after a TRINE with MERCURY at [7 am pdt/ 8 am mdt/ 9am cdt/ 10am edt]. This VOID is a “tempering void,” of disappearing acts, and returnings, of the myserious interweaving of fire and water, as will as this and that side of the veil.

Entering Sagittarius [at 9:29 pm pdt] MOON departs the VOID for more fiery territory. Coming down off the peak, we are still in a very high level of masculine fire energy, in the longest sunniest days, even as they lessen each day.

Meanwhile,goat-608286_640 (1)the MOON waxes, toward FULL on June 27th.  A FULL MOON in Capricorn, is a moon asking for attention to both work and home, in detail, especially in preparation for the eclipses to come.

The following NEW MOON, on July 12th, is a partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Our mama self is threatened in its life-force, so a good response is to prepare as any good mama would do.

eclipse-2666089_640 (1)Eclipses “block,” literally the light of the sun for a few moments. This is a symbol of a kind of a “death” process. Eclipses are very powerful times of re-organizing, on a cellular level, and re-aligning. It is a dangerously vulnerable time for food to go bad, for parasites to flourish, and for us to feel the depth of soulfulness of being alive, through thoughts of “near-death,” or other things that deepen our attention to soul-ful levels.

Though we are already within the wider mythic aura of the eclipses of this coming eclipse portal, the [10 days before, 3 days after] portal the ancient astrologers speak of, begins on July 2. May we all be humble, vigilant, prayerful and fierce like Kali when needed. 
. . . . . . 


June 23, 2018 – Oppositions, Squares in the morning, with Grace later

dog-742013_640MERCURY OPPOSITE PLUTO [2:24 am pdt/ 3:24 am mdt/ 4:24 am cdt/ 5:24 am edt] is often a threshold of money and power workings. We are challenged in the mind to balance these areas–through the night into this morning. Dreamtime may have been a bit fit-full, or working shtuff out.

MOON SQUARE MARS and VENUS today, in a T-SQUARE is the work before us. hurdles-508822_640[5:24 am pdt and 9:34 am pdt]. There’s no way around situations, we have to go “through them,” as it has been said. These t-square’s give us a “working it out,” energy. Overcoming challenges today is possible, and this T-Square may put hurdles before us.

plouzane-1758197_640MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [2:11 pm pdt/ 3:11 pm mdt/ 4:11 pm cdt/ 5:11 pm edt] is an aspect of grace, abundance and the light that comes to light up the darkness of resistance and obstacles, anything that doesn’t feel good may be elevated by this JUPITER/MOON CONJUNCTION!

sea-1377712_640MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [7:23 pm pdt/ 8:23 pm mdt/ 9:23 pm cdt/ 10:23 pm edt] is also supportive of the grace in the evening. JUPITER and NEPTUNE together can lift us over the barriers, into reverence and beauty, and a balanced power, overcoming misuses or lack.
. . . . . .
Author’s Note: I had a check delayed for five days now. It has really caused trouble. I have b n b guests and beds I was transporting with that money and since the money was delayed the beds are delayed. Now I’m in Santa Fe, hustling for money to replace the money the paypal has now held for over 5 days. It was a contribution from someone – from their bank account. (I was counting on it, and had no back up plan, so now I’m struggling, of course its the morning and we have only hit the T-Square and Opposition, not the grace aspects yet.

Donations for the wolf b n b. today for transport of beds. Pack two is still awaiting funds for transport. We are grateful animals continue to be fed every day, while everything else goes on. They eat every day. Thank you for your support in any form. Its a strange crazy sort of unkind toward biological things world right now–any help for biology is appreciated.

June 22, 2018 – Moon Void Morning – Fiery Solstice Day

pool-690034_640MOON is VOID between Libra and Scorpio for the morning, until moving solidly into the water deep sign at [12:11 pm pdt/ 1:11 pm mdt/ 2:11 pm cdt/ 3:11 pm edt]. SUN is still at its peak. Today is still the longest day, as the light will lesson now, one day at a time, days getting shorter and shorter now all the way to the shortest one on Winter Solstice, six months from now.

girl-495923_640MOON TRINES SUN at [2:50 pm pdt/ 3:50 pm mdt/ 4:50 pm cdt/ 5:50 pm edt], wonderful abundant soothing water grace. This is a wonderful balance for the fire energy. Fire and Water are a good combination in the summertime. (as we all know from swimming in the summer sun as a kid).

diver-1081987_640MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [3:25 pm pdt/ 4:25 pm mdt/ 5:25 pm cdt/ 6:25 pm edt] is a revolution, or tip of an iceberg of change. Things are changing all the time, and this is an aspect of change! Radical shift! Boom!

[10:58 pm pdt/ 11:58 pm mdt/ 12:58 am late night cdt/ 1:58 am late night edt] is a late night enthusiasm.live-1003646_640Its SUMMER SOLSTICE WEEKEND, and this is Friday night–time ot dance, sing, party and celebrate the time in the seasonal cycle that has been celebrated throughout time and space, even the galaxies. We all celebrate the peak of light together!

splash-863458_640[11:46 pm pdt/ 12:46 am late night mdt/ 1:46 am late night cdt/ 2:46 am late night edt] is a relaxing satisfying feet on the ground, full belly and full summer smile. We are here, we did it, we are on earth, its summer peaking and there is so much light, we are alight and alive.environmental-protection-683437_640 May we take the deepest breaths of our lives as we relax into the new earth grounding energies–grounding the “new world.”

Blessings in the Summer Solstice Weekend as we step foot into the light-flourished time of the year. en-joy!

. . . . . .
Author’s Note:  This is always a busy time of year for us humans, as the peak of light is a peak of activity too! Like all of us in the peak of light, its time for all our flowers and releases, now, as we surf off this peak of flowering power! The cosmos doesn’t really require “productivity,” in the same way our bosses, or bottom lines, or even our own mind thinks of it, more it is like we “flower,” we age and grow in character, so the energy and intelligence we are sharing with others is ripened by the intelligence of the creative powers of the universe.cosmea-3093382_640  We are ripened and ready to share ourselves! May we paint, dance, write, sing, and share our essences! Bless the essences of humanity! Happy Summer Solstice Weekend All! May we all DANCE dance DANCE! the flowering of us.

Donations for the wolf pack here: 

June 21, 2018 – Happy Summer Solstice!

HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE! Its your and our day to flower with light intelligence, into form, fullness.
flower-3140492_640Today is the peak of the solar cycle! “The Longest Day of the year,” and the brightest receiving of sunlight into our auric fields today, our beings are alight! MOON is in Libra, while the SUN hit its Summer Solstice point of zero degrees Cancer, very early in this morning at [3:07 am pdt/ 4:07 am mdt/ 5:07 am cdt/ 6:07 am edt].

woman-1807533_640Also today: MARS and VENUS are at their most OPPOSITE point! [9:54 am pdt/ 10:54 am mdt/ 11:54 am cdt/ 12:54 am edt] So couples are not necessarily feeling at their most unified places. Men and women may be called to different tasks, or called to each one’s own creative individual expression, as its each one’s time to flower this creativity, even today! children-1807511_640Its good to allow fluidity and healthy individuation, for men and women who are in any kind of working relationship or romantic partnership. The masculine and feminine have separate needs to each fulfill, and each one is uniquely called at this time of flowering fire energy.

caution-1491550_640In the Santa Fe area, it is so hot and dry that most hiking trails are closed and there is fire patrol regularly checking the closed areas. As we gently come off the peak of light, the fire danger may begin to lesson, and the fullness will lesson on all levels. This is the FULLEST day! Fruition day! Flowering of human beings and all things that grow here–this side of the earth.

MOON SQUARES MERCURY [1:29 pm pdt/ 2:29 pm mdt/ 3:29 pm cdt/ 4:29 pm edt] revealing work we have in the communications area, especially communicating with our home bases.

outdoor-3263009_640MOON SQUARE PLUTO [6:34 pm pdt/ 7:34 pm mdt/ 8:34 pm cdt/ 9:34 pm edt] is a comfortable challenge of our money, power and abilities. We all have pluto-style challenges we work on, ongoing. How we each feel powerful in this world and, “able to do things,” is unique for each one. Today there is work here for each one’s powerful ability to express and “be ok,” in this world. Then can we even give to others, be of service, and provide the world with some deep soulful nourishment at the same time? This is Pluto’s call.
. . . . . .
Author’s Note: I’m always a little anxious when I leave the home base where the pack is. Maybe mom’s feel this way when they leave their kids with a baby-sitter?  I went to see Ammachi and now am looking for bunk beds for our b n b. (people are coming and i need to have beds for them!) Hopefully you will come visit too! I’m super grateful to those who sit with wolves, not just mine but anywhere. Its a real thing to do in this weird human-dominated world where there is genocide threatening entire species! wild-flowers-571940_640Meanwhile its the SUMMER SOLSTICE! and it really is a day to celebrate and flower! Grace, old friends and the expressions of light, come out of the woodworks to call me from my focus of making sure everything in wolf world is more than ok, getting better all the time. . . running is a big extra, if ever possible! Running in a giant area where there is no fence is another big experience upgrade for a wolf.wolf-2878650_640
Thank you to all those who support the wolves, and assist us in “making their lives better all the time!” May we all do that for each other!
Donations for wolf food, transport and a place to be, below,

We love you!


June 20, 2018 – Peaking Summer, First Quarter Moon

wild-rose-3454905_640Happy Blessed Mid-Summer! This is the peak of the Solar Cycle, as we rise into the SUMMER SOLSTICE (tomorrow).

The MOON is in Libra as of early morning, at its half way point in its cycle, pre-dawn, [3:51 am pdt], waxing toward full in seven days from now.

This is the most light, bright, creative full time of the year!

MOON SQUARE SATURN [4:48 pm pdt] is a moment of recaputilation, work or comfort zone squeezer.

rose-petals-3194062_640MOON SEXTILE VENUS [8:32 pm pdt] softens the SATURN SQUARE with sweetness, in food, in kisses, or in energy. We are feminine within and creative every one. This is a zone of bliss for each one’s unique flowering.

MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE, [8:58 pm pdt] is a communications fluidity, as NEPTUNE moves forward, some things may feel as if they unfold . . . . flow . . . . down the river instead of in circles now. slowly.

MOON TRINE MARS [9:38 pm pdt] offers movement. More fire and action in this summer peak time. It is a time for iced lemonade and cooling, soothing things for firey hot energy.
. . . . .
Author’s Note: amidst everything, I made it to Ammachi’s Devi Bava! She hugs all night and the closing happens with showerings of rose and flower petals. Oh so loving from that divine feminine place, so the rose petals are showering the blog today. And all of you. Blessings–I’ve been Amma’d, happily with flower petals. !! THank you and blessings to each one of you for all you do in this world at this peak of summertime! Ooooooola la!