June 28, 2018 – Post Full Moon, Saturn Concentration from the FULL MOON with Saturn, Sextiles for grace, following fruition of everything in this cycle at FULL MOON last night

eclipse-2666378_640Its the day after FULL MOON, last night at 9:53 pm pdt. This fullness now wanes, light lowering from the peak, at the peak of the solar cycle. Now both lights wane from their peaks. We step down toward the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in two weeks. These are points to respect and to listen for, with humility and preparation.

Saturn-TreeWStars0MOON is still in its FULL MOON sign of Capricorn, Saturn’s sign.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [12:13 pm pdt/ 1:13 pm mdt/ 2:13 cdt/ 3:13 edt] is a gift from the universal fabric of life. Thank you universe!

noel-online-gift-shop-3286498_640MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [6:06 pm pdt/ 7:06 pm mdt/ 8:06 pm cdt/ 9:06 pm edt] is a go with the flow kind of aspect. We go with the flow of the gift that arrives.

MERCURY into Leo, from Cancer, water to fire with our mouth, is a creative step for our communications part. [10:16 pm pdt/ 11:16 pm mdt/ 12:16 am late night cdt/ 1:16 am late night edt].

water-89205_640Its a beautiful day for a fountain of youth, or a waterslide with kids, or a run in the park with animals. Its a beautiful waning summer day, moments before we enter the intensified window of the eclipse [death/change/shift portal]. July 2, we enter the tight portal of the eclipse.