meditation-644859_640MOON is still in Sagittarius today.  More fire. And MARS, our intimate fire ruler, of masculine energy and dynamic movement, is moving backward. In the “stationing energy,” often things are direction changing, plan changing, awkward or new. Things can go through a kind of “death and rebirth” at this time due to the eclipse-portal, and MARS RETROGRADE adds to this experience, in harmony. meditation-2717462_640

Mars Retrograde is also introspective and good for writers.

Surrounding the masculine in tenderness, as MARS changes direction, we have a VENUS TRINE MOON section-757554_640[1:49 am pdt/ 2:49 am mdt/ 3:49 am cdt/ 4:49 am edt]
in fire signs. This is a secret place of beauty, love or creativity within that we build or visit. From dreamtime and awakening this morning.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [5:53 am pdt/ 6:53 am mdt/ 7:53 am cdt/ 8:53 am edt]forest-54555_1280 adds the potential for slipperyness or confusion into the Mars Stationary mix. Its a water fire square. These can be messy sometimes. May they be happy summer messes!

MARS’ exact station time is [2:04 pm pdt/ 3:04 pm mdt/ 4:04 pm cdt/ 5:04 pm edt] its always interesting to observe exact stations “in the ethers,” and in our own mythic lives. Any sharings welcome on what you saw while you watched the energy of MARS STATIONING to go RETROGRADE!?
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