June 25, 2018 – MARS slowing down, to shift directions, Love and Money working Monday

bows-and-arrows-650474_640MOON is in Sagittarius now, fanning the masculine fiery flames of mid-summer-seasonal time.

VENUS SQUARE JUPITER [10:19 am pdt/ 11:19 am mdt/ 12:19 pm cdt/ 1:19 pm edt] is a corner of work. Its money work, creative work, and a shift point in our evolutionary ways of creating in general.

MOON SEXTILE slowing MARS [3:32 pm pdt/ 4:32 pm mdt/ 5:32 pm cdt/ 6:32 pm edt] is a burst of energy at HOME!

car-2297840_640MARS STATIONS at [2:04 pm pdt] TOMORROW to go RETROGRADE  through August 27th. Mars is already slowing down and we feel this in many ways. What do you notice?

. . . . . .