June 24, 2018 – A Funny Sunday MOON VOID between water and fire

yin-and-yang-1947878_640MOON is in a funny place today–between Scorpio and Sagittarius–right at the crossing. Its VOID after a TRINE with MERCURY at [7 am pdt/ 8 am mdt/ 9am cdt/ 10am edt]. This VOID is a “tempering void,” of disappearing acts, and returnings, of the myserious interweaving of fire and water, as will as this and that side of the veil.

Entering Sagittarius [at 9:29 pm pdt] MOON departs the VOID for more fiery territory. Coming down off the peak, we are still in a very high level of masculine fire energy, in the longest sunniest days, even as they lessen each day.

Meanwhile,goat-608286_640 (1)the MOON waxes, toward FULL on June 27th.  A FULL MOON in Capricorn, is a moon asking for attention to both work and home, in detail, especially in preparation for the eclipses to come.

The following NEW MOON, on July 12th, is a partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Our mama self is threatened in its life-force, so a good response is to prepare as any good mama would do.

eclipse-2666089_640 (1)Eclipses “block,” literally the light of the sun for a few moments. This is a symbol of a kind of a “death” process. Eclipses are very powerful times of re-organizing, on a cellular level, and re-aligning. It is a dangerously vulnerable time for food to go bad, for parasites to flourish, and for us to feel the depth of soulfulness of being alive, through thoughts of “near-death,” or other things that deepen our attention to soul-ful levels.

Though we are already within the wider mythic aura of the eclipses of this coming eclipse portal, the [10 days before, 3 days after] portal the ancient astrologers speak of, begins on July 2. May we all be humble, vigilant, prayerful and fierce like Kali when needed. 
. . . . . .