June 23, 2018 – Oppositions, Squares in the morning, with Grace later

dog-742013_640MERCURY OPPOSITE PLUTO [2:24 am pdt/ 3:24 am mdt/ 4:24 am cdt/ 5:24 am edt] is often a threshold of money and power workings. We are challenged in the mind to balance these areas–through the night into this morning. Dreamtime may have been a bit fit-full, or working shtuff out.

MOON SQUARE MARS and VENUS today, in a T-SQUARE is the work before us. hurdles-508822_640[5:24 am pdt and 9:34 am pdt]. There’s no way around situations, we have to go “through them,” as it has been said. These t-square’s give us a “working it out,” energy. Overcoming challenges today is possible, and this T-Square may put hurdles before us.

plouzane-1758197_640MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [2:11 pm pdt/ 3:11 pm mdt/ 4:11 pm cdt/ 5:11 pm edt] is an aspect of grace, abundance and the light that comes to light up the darkness of resistance and obstacles, anything that doesn’t feel good may be elevated by this JUPITER/MOON CONJUNCTION!

sea-1377712_640MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [7:23 pm pdt/ 8:23 pm mdt/ 9:23 pm cdt/ 10:23 pm edt] is also supportive of the grace in the evening. JUPITER and NEPTUNE together can lift us over the barriers, into reverence and beauty, and a balanced power, overcoming misuses or lack.
. . . . . .
Author’s Note: I had a check delayed for five days now. It has really caused trouble. I have b n b guests and beds I was transporting with that money and since the money was delayed the beds are delayed. Now I’m in Santa Fe, hustling for money to replace the money the paypal has now held for over 5 days. It was a contribution from someone – from their bank account. (I was counting on it, and had no back up plan, so now I’m struggling, of course its the morning and we have only hit the T-Square and Opposition, not the grace aspects yet.

Donations for the wolf b n b. today for transport of beds. Pack two is still awaiting funds for transport. We are grateful animals continue to be fed every day, while everything else goes on. They eat every day. Thank you for your support in any form. Its a strange crazy sort of unkind toward biological things world right now–any help for biology is appreciated.