June 17, 2018 – Happy Fathers Day – SUN-MOON-HARMONY

dandelion-1557110_640On Father’s Day, the SUN is in harmony with the MOON, in a SUN SEXTILE MOON, the only aspect today. SUN in GEmini SEXTILE SUN in Leo is a great Father’s Day aspect! The sextile is exact at [8:25 pm pdt/ 9:25 pm mdt/ 10:25 pm cdt/ 11:25 pm edt] at which point the moon goes VOID, til moving into Virgo at [1:40 am pdt].

MARS and VENUS are almost OPPOSITE, exactly OPPOSITE on Thursday, June 21st, the SUMMER SOLSTICE this year.balance-1302200_640 This means men and women, masculine and feminine, this year are individuating, focusing on each one’s brilliant life’s purpose and art in life. Each of us is unique, brilliant and alive. As we partner or join forces, we can honor the unique brilliance of each one and the characteristic gifts of both masculine and feminine, each their own unique ways of seeing and beeing.

MOON waxes and SUN waxes toward its peak at Summer Solstice. This is precious creative empowerful time.
. . . . .
male-1781425_640Author’s Note: Its been raining for two days, since Amma arrived in Santa Fe. I was praying for rain a few days ago, while driving between Pagosa Springs and Santa Fe, and the clouds said, “you and Amma always ask us for rain.” (i had forgotten at that moment that Ammachi was about to arrive in Santa Fe.) . . . the clouds reminded me: “We will give it as soon as she is here and both your prayers are together.”  That made me laugh. I think the clouds gathered all our prayers together with Amma’s. Now she is here and its raining. This is day two of rain. Where pack two is, (still waiting for transport outside of Santa Fe county), to Maine, Richard the host of our pack two at this time, temporarily, is a helper at Amma’s event in Santa Fe. He has shared the stories of our pack briefly with Ammachi, who blessed us all last night. I was too far and too busy to get to Amma so far, but I hope to see her on her all night event, “Devi Bava” on Tuesday eve. Please send blessings, along with amma’s to our pack. Darrein and I are both committed to these animals, feed and care for them every day, he with his part of the pack and me with this alpha pack.fee-3137288_640  Those of you who send donations–we are so grateful! Thank you so much. Every day there are miracles and you are part of that. There are paperwork miracles too–pray for the one coming where I send the Pagosa Springs police on behalf of the USDA, whatever they need from me. Bless you! We howl for you and love you. Donations for food and transport: here: Thank You!  www.Paypal.me/Starlove