June 16, 2018 – Creative Peak weekend of summer!

MOON is in Leo as of midnight or so last night.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [2:45 am pdt] is a piece of work regarding our freedom!

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS [5:14 am pdt] is a sweet gentle creative flowering aspect. This is a good weekend to work on all the things you’ve wanted to work on for a long time but haven’t had time for!

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [2:18 pm pdt] is a charged opposition that may involve right actions in response to active oppositions.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [11:23 pm] is a corner of personal work that brings grace.

Tomorrow is a graceful Sunday : MOON will still be in Leo all day, SEXTILE the SUN.

MOON is waxing toward a SUMMER SOLSTICE FULL MOON on June 28. This time in the year is peak time for our personal projects and creative events this year. This is flowering time for all humans! (At least this side of the equator!)

. . .

Authors Note: there are always challenges with having the wolf pack. Now we’ve divided into two packs! Pack one has to show paperwork to local authorities by Tuesday due to a former ally turning against us due to differing opinions about animal care. She is Betsy from “Plan B to save wolves.” Any calls to her with the sentiment that wolf people need to stick together and not turn against one another! Pack two is being threatened by a Spanish landlord that enjoyed the extra money for fencing dogs at first, but now has decided he doesn’t like them so he’s started harassing and being difficult. Pack two needs more support including a transport care angel or two!

Donations appreciated!