June 13, 2018 – NEW MOON of June – Cycle of Mercurial Magic

abstract-2179083_640Before the New Moon, the last waning sliver  MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE [2:41 am pdt] amplifying the dark moon effect with a feeling of water, slipperiness, or confusion to navigate. We may also be deeply emotional, feeling an oceanic depth, like a grief, or a fantasy emotion like elation at our art.

MERCURY SEXTILES URANUSwoman-1172718_640[4:41 am pdt/ 5:41 am mdt/ 6:41 am cdt/ 7:41 am edt] for a communicative magic in the air. This is a “magic wand aspect.” This aspect is made by the ruler of Gemini, where the NEW MOON takes place. This aspect fore-tells a truly magical cycle where our thoughts and communications make a difference.

new-moon-2265485_640NEW MOON is today, [at 12:43 pm pdt/ 1:43 pm mdt/ 2:43 pm cdt/ 3:43 pm edt] at 22 degrees Gemini, 44 minutes. Right after this NEW MOON, the MOON goes into the VOID between Gemini and mama Cancer. crab-1990198_640

MOON enters Cancer round midnight, Pacific Daylight Time.

Due to the Mercury Uranus aspect that is with this New Moon: we can expect a very magical cycle where our communications and the follow up invisible response can provide real change or progress or fulfillment.

. . . .

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