June 9, 2018 – Cleaning Morning, VOID afternoon

amazing-736886_640MOON SEXTILE SUN is a harmony, in the before today hours.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [4:42 am pdt/ 5:42 am mdt/ 6:42 am cdt/ 7:42 am edt] starts the morning with a call for cleaning, remodeling, or changing something.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURYsunset-1331088_640[9:03 am pdt/ 10:03 am mdt/ 11:03 am cdt/ 12:03 pm edt] is a way of responding to the call for change, that has solution, communication and harmony in response.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [12:37 pm pdt/ 1:37 pm mdt/ 2:37 pm cdt/ 3:37 pm edt] is a creative conundrum or creative work at home for the weekend.
THIS ASPECT SENDS THE MOON INTO THE VOID (between Aries and Taurus) for the rest of the day!

gothic-2910057_640 (1)Moon Void times are between the world times. They are cracks in time, or slippery spaces where “normal life,” may not function as smoothly, however weird wacky, unusual openings, or redo’s can occur in these windows. They are great for spiritual work or meditation. They are also good for creative reworking and second or third drafts.

MOON enters Taurus later tonight, completing today’s VOID at [9:04 pm pdt/ 10:04 pm mdt/ 11:04 pm mdt/ 12:04 am late night edt] Grounding like a four-legged, all four on the ground.

monument-valley-1593318_640 (1)MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [11:14 pm pdt/ 12:14 am late night mdt/ 1:14 am late night cdt/ 2:14 am late night edt] is a miracle, a break through, or an incoming bunch of revelation. Uranus in Taurus is a lot of fun since it is bringing an ethereal lightning striking volatile energy into the most stable grounded sign. What happens? Heaven on Earth? Hell on Earth? Anything is possible, depending on what we are feeding. This is a manifestation aspect, fueled by our imagination, wonder and thought-forms.
. . . .

Author’s Note: We are grateful and happy in Colorado with pack one. Pack two is still waiting for transport to their home in Maine. They are a little distressed at having to wait so long for us to raise the funds for their transport. They are in fenced enclosures that are not nearly as green as where they will be in Maine! This is a fundraising weekend for the Heart of a Wolf Sanctuary. And its sooooo peaceful here, Its easier to do readings than it has been in six years! So anyone who has been wanting a reading, there is space for that.
Please pass the word to anyone who might help us fund transport of pack two. Donations for food are always welcome: Here: www.Paypal.me/starLove