June 8, 2018 – fire moon practical square

MOON is in Aries this morning SEXTILE MARS and SQUARE SATURN. Both aspects took place just before dawn pdt.

There is extra energy for practical solutions today.

The SUN MERCURY CONJUNCTION 3 days ago was a big dose of energy ; we are now past the “combustion” part where there can be so much energy it causes tiredness or a need to meditate or rest to process all that bright energy!

MOON wanes now down toward a new moon on June 13th.

. . .

Authors Note: we are at our new location in Colorado with pack one (the alphas) and pack two needs to move this weekend. They are headed to Maine, however we are still looking for temporary enclosures in Colorado or on the way to Maine so pack two can get out of their current hot dusty location outside Santa Fe. Any support appreciated for this next move. Donations for food and transport are super helpful.