June 5, 2018 – Water, Bright Energy, Powerful Communications, Love Choices

beach-1867285_640MOON enters Pisces [3:53 am pdt/ 4:53 am mdt/ 5:53 am cdt/ 6:53 am edt] bringing us into the elemental water consciousness.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [5:57 am pdt/ 6:57 am mdt/ 7:57 am cdt/ 8:57 am edt] is harmony with the angels.angel-758415_1280We can receive guidance and give directives to those invisible angels and helpers here to serve us with their loving assistance.

SUN INCONJUNCT JUPITER¬†[1:10 pm pdt/ 2:10 pm mdt/ 3:10 pm cdt/ 4:10 pm edt] is a moment of misunderstanding or awkward translation form spirit to matter.network-586177¬† May we be compassionate toward mistakes along the way, for grace is right there with them, watching like an indra’s net, here to catch it all.

MERCURY closest to SUN [2:51 pm pdt/ 3:51 pm mdt/ 4:51 pm cdt/ 5:51 pm edt] in direct relationship, called “perigee.” Bright communications alight.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT JUPITER (travelling with the SUN), [4:21 pm pdt/ 5:21 pm mdt/ 6:21 pm cdt/ 7:21 pm edt] offers its communications work into the mix. love-1790142_640Silence is golden when words will not do. Gestures, flowers, and kisses are better than words for lovers today. Openings, expansions, and better days ahead can come when we take the time to turn misunderstandings to deeper understanding and deeper connection through skilled communications. Our tongue can be a sword or a phoenix.

MOON SEXTILE SATURNquestion-mark-2546103_640[6:35 pm pdt/ 7:35 pm mdt/ 8:35 pm cdt/ 9:35 pm edt] offers a home-base-renewal, or cleaning or re-organizing that is nice on our aura.

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY [7:02 pm pdt/ 8:02 pm mdt/ 9:02 pm cdt/ 10:02 pm edt] is the ignition of creativity, its a writers infusion of love, magnetic writing and the power to break through any creative or writers block.clouds-1714088_640The light bursts through blocks and darkness, bringing the light into every corner of our mind.

VENUS OPPOSITE PLUTO [7:25 pm pdt/ 8:25 pm mdt/ 9:25 pm cdt/ 10:25 pm edt] is a choice in love.balloon-1046658_640It is a creative challenge that we rise into, or a test of our true heart.
. . . .
May we rise above all obstacles, blocks of any kind, and burst open the roots of fears, opening the slave-cages and rising up up in frequency beyond where we’ve been before.¬†