June 4, 2018 – Void Moon all day! Freeedom! Freedom! says the Aquarius Moon!

christmas-2869903_640MOON is in Aquarius today! It’s Void all day!

The way Aquarius likes it, there is “open space,” no other aspects today!

Freedom! Choice! Spaciousness!

people-3142549_640Its time to create community in harmony and each one’s own rythm. There is “space” for diversity, there is room for everyone in the world. 

sunset-3225828_640There is a very powerful SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY tomorrow. Its a bright bright day! Communucations Wow day!

May the open space, the prayers and the grace, make open the ways and means for the new era forms and ways of being together.
. . . . 

Authors note: pack one of the sanctuary is moved and learning the new location. We are working our way toward more wilderness access in our new location. Pack two still needs to move and is waiting fir the funding to cover moving costs. All animals would love more food! Donations to feed the wolves here: