June 1 2018 – Dynamic First Day of June – with Cosmic Support

bird-1867066_640This June first is filled with fruition aspects and cosmic support of all kinds.

MERCURY TRINE MARS [7:13 am pdt/ 8:13 am mdt/ 9:13 am cdt/ 10:13 am edt] is a productive aspect–making this a Friday that gets so much done, its worth the whole week.

animals-46209_640VENUS TRINE JUPITER [7:28 am pdt/ 8:28 am mdt/ 9:28 am cdt/ 10:28 am edt] is a support for us to expand love and money. To open up pathways that weren’t there before, from which we can experience our own intimate dance with life.

chinese-homes-2187267_640MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [9:41 am pdt/ 10:41 am mdt/ 11:41 am cdt/ 12:41 pm edt] brings the expansion and new openings home.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUSwoman-3432069_640 [9:57 am pdt/ 10:57 am mdt/ 11:57 am cdt] is a fruition of art and a challenge to get “in rythm”¬†with our own inner affectionate nature.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNEwater-243910_640
[11:29 am pdt/ 12:29 pm mdt/ 1:29 pm cdt/ 2:29 pm edt] is another home aspect, that includes a contact with the divine, a flow that is in harmony, a river of life, that we can be grateful for.

. . . .
Author’s Note: New things coming! What a time of transition this appears to be, related to coming out of a time of struggle for a time that returns to a rythm that feels sustainable and blessed. Donations for readings or to feed wolves: Here: www.Paypal.me/StarLove