May 6, 2018 – Squarius Aquarius & Community Sunday

MOON SQUARE URANUS [6:48 am pst/ 7:48 am mst/ 8:48 am cst/ 9:48 am est] sends the MOON into the transition VOID for about an hour, which can lead to a strange morning. Timing might feel a bit odd, or rapidly changing.

monolithic-part-of-the-waters-3374670_640SUN SEXTILE NEPTUNE [6:56 am pst/ 7:56 am mst/ 8:56 am cst/ 9:56 am est] is a flow of grace, fluidity and passage to the next rock. Like a river. 

MOON enters Aquarius from Saturnine, limitation-aware-Capricorn, [at 7:48 am pst/ 8:48 am mst/ 9:48 am cst/ 10:48 am est] : it leaps from earth to air, elementally, from a place of limitations to a place of freedom. This place is a free place determined by our mind, intentions and flow of energy. As well as the whole invisible world we’ve created around us. Its a day for community, invisible or visible, plant, human and animal!

Oh a Sunday relax, flow, know and pray, all in Neptune’s day.
. . . . .
Author’s Note: This is a stressful time for everyone, canine and human, moving, and moving again, and likely moving again. Alpha female has a few health issues from her stress of wanting to “look after everyone,” as they are moved and some escape, and the whole process of moving, moving, moving is hard on everyone. Any help, support, supplements (chlorella, coconut oil, essential oils, money for our vet support), we are in a giant need to raise large funds to cover the animals in all their needs, especially transport and housing. Please pass the word to anyone you know who might be able to donate $1,000 or more. We are in a challenging leap of locations and need to appease courts, animal control, and old landlords, as well as new ones. Any assistance appreciated as the wolf pack is alive and well and we need to keep providing space, care, food and transitional support to them. THANK You.

May 4, 2018 – Earth, Grounding and Order

Saturn-TreeWStars0The MOON and her planet SATURN are together in SATURN’s home sign of Capricorn. There is a peace, limitation, tiredness, and hard work required for good reasons, to restore and bring order to whatever our situation before us. Chaos emerges in the belly of change, which we’ve had lately. Now for grounding and stabilizing after the shifts. Order comes into place after the chaos of change.

Small Steps within a long walk, building blocks, and black & white suits are Saturn’s tools.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [1:07 pm pst/ 2:07 pm mst/ 3:07 pm cst/ 4:07 pm est] is the only aspect of today. It is a call to focus.

. . . . .
Author’s Note: So much gratitude to those who have supported the wolf dog family along the way. We are so grateful. Still moving. please pass the word: 

May 3, 2018 – Miracle Trine in a Window of Recovering Power Struggle

lightning-962789_640We are still experiencing the learning and refocusing repurcussions and calls from the Scorpio FULL MOON of power balancing, seeing power dynamics and renewing balanced power.

Today the MOON is just past Scorpio in Arrow-aiming-higher-minded-at-best-Sagittarius. Humor and the lowest dumb-minds are the other side of Sag–Trump has the sign somewhere. Though Sag and the mind are just flute’s for the consciousness pouring through them, for the arrow can be aimed anywhere, filled with anything. We are the archers here. We have more power than we realize and today is a day when the imaginal world and the physical world are intimately connected and miracles can arise like the sun or like lightning striking fresh into the soil with new light, new life and a needed miracle.

fire-1176510_640MOON in fire Sag TRINES URANUS at the end of Aries. [5:50 pm pst, sending the MOON into the VOID, in between time after that for rest this evening] This TRINE is a miracle-receiving-trine, for Uranus has the power to bring instant manifestation to our mental and heart-driven clarity.

At the end of the day, from the exciting fiery miracle weather, changeable, and risky, yet open to new arrivals, MOON grounds into Capricorn, stabilizing us from the emotional waters of Scorpio, and the fiery transforming energy of Sagittarius, into the calming, steadying earth–Capricorn for

May this third day of May be the change you needed. May it be the miracle-making day that was called for, just in time.

. . . . .
Author’s Note:
We moved some more animals yesterday, but not all of them would load up with us. Who would want to leave the wilderness for a vehicle? Even with lamb bones inside? Everything takes longer than I think it will. Prayers, Blessings and Donations for the new location appreciated. (in paypal)

PLease pass the word:

May 2, 2018 – Full Heart of the MOON, Communications, Paddling into the Unknown

fire-298115_640Today MOON is in fiery Sagittarius and her arrows are in her pocket, gently. MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [2:29 am pst/ 3:29 am mst/ 4:29 am cst/ 5:29 am est] is a full heart, post full moon. Its a tiny bit more gentle than the full moon in its “stretch,” and its still an open hearted stretch at best. Heart driven action, and heart-based movements, even if going where we cannot see.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [2:58 pm pst/ 3:58 pm mst/ 4:58 pm cst/ 5:58 pm est] is a communications harmony, and focus for grace.MonkeyCoverMouthCommunications today, bring grace when done well. Its up to us in how we use this skill and gift offered today. (sometimes that is NOT saying things we might have said). Communications are the basis of our heart’s creations. in this world right now, and the new one forming–it appears, and especially today.

[3:10 pm pst/ 4:10 pm mst/ 5:10 pm cst/ 6:10 pm est]. Can be prayer work. It is “unknown,”horseshoe-bend-CircleRiversometimes, or there is confusion, and waters are foggy or they are moving in directions we cannot see, or we are moving in a few directions at once, or we seem at odds with the direction the waters of life are flowing or any of the above in the NEPTUNE SQUARE, it is good to “let go of some of the details and needs to know everything today,” and go with the flow, even if awkward, just go where the openings are, go where the calls are, and be with the awkward unknown or confusion with graceful presence and communication skills along the way and the day is a river of grace, at a corner, maybe, yet grace.
. . . .

Author’s Note:
We thought we were moving yesterday, now today. Everything takes longer than I think it will. Prayers, Blessings and Donations for the new location appreciated. (in paypal)

PLease pass the word:

May 1, 2018 – Beltane – Ancient Rites into Modern Times – Making Room for the Sacred

storks-3235077_640Today is a sacred day in the wheel of time. It is Beltane or “May Day,” or the day when we honor the “beloved,” and the renewed zest for life and love for one another that we all have within.

There is a level of our purpose here that is “all about loving others,” all about mating and dancing and being with the opposite sex.people-3311900_640This day, this holy crossing in the wheel, brings us into a mating season, a time of honoring each other, loving others, giving beauty and sensuality and love to one another as our bodies are designed to touch, and dance, rub and massage, be with and play with in marvelous ways!

Even in the midst of a fast-paced-busy-modern-life, may we take the time to look into the sky, to look into our multiple incarnations in a wheel of time, where we meet this place, this place of honoring the beloved, the dance and the we amidst all other things, allow the twinkle in our eyes, the magic of love and the timing of spring within. May we allow our bodies to enliven to springtime!

MOON enters Sagittarius this morning, lightening the mood from the deeply emotional, shadow-attentive, and life-death Scorpio in its FULL MOON! We’ve crossed this powerful time, this time of power, empowerment, power struggle, seeing power dynamics. and “its all about power,” . . . whatever we see as real power.  These dynamics are up for us to refine and elevate, in ourselves and to work with those around us and their power dynamics.

As we head into Sagittarius looking back on our Scorpio Full Moon Crossing this past weekend, we can see where we feel powerless?–having crossed the power full moon–how we become disempowered? or “give our power away?” and where we have balanced clear power to work with?  woman-2209887_640We see the way others manage their power and respond to ours. Now with the bow and arrow in our consciousness, we can aim for something higher, we can refine the places that failed our idea of balanced empowerment. We can honor the season of springtime: renewal and rebirth. Its time to reform, plant seeds, til the soil, find the best growing places and thrive to the springtime songs!

The only aspect today, after yesterday’s river of power, grace and changes with the Scorpio Full Moon, is a VENUS INCONJUNCT SATURN – exact at 7:24 pm pst, this evening. This is a bit of an awkward aspect, however it is related to manifestation. Following our heart even when its awkward or unclear, confusing or imperfect. We still follow the heart and make the best of what is before us. Venus can make anything beautiful and Saturn is all about incarnation. Its up to us to turn trash into treasures, to see the beauty in all that is incarnating before us and honor the awkward transitions as pathways to embodied dancing fulfillment on earth. Fulfillment that comes like every full moon and every new moon, again and again.
. . . . .
Author’s Note: Thank you to all of you who read this blog. I love this blog, from the inside out. It is a refuge, a place of truth, a return to a rythm that is in life, time and authentic self. When I am stressed out beyond belief, when my wolf pack is threatened in their safety and existence as they are now, this blog is a return from anxiety, to steady wisdom, it anchors my shaking heart into a pathway forward, energy after energy, we walk through time. Each energy aiding the one before, each aspect assisting our transition from one state to another, in our evolutionary growth, and in our next steps, always our ally. Time.

image1Prayers please for the safety and wellbeing of every animal as we continue to transition. Donations needed for transport, the new location as soon as possible. If I could pay the new landlord of our “emergency first landing location,” I would, and we could get started going there to safety. I need your financial support to bring the animals from danger “in the wild,” where people are now upset. Though they are on private land they “walk to the river to drink water,” and it has caused some people to go hysterical. It has caused such public unrest locally–just the sight of this pack drinking water, that we have to get them out of there before their safety is threatened by individuals, police or animal control. We have an agreement to have them out before thursday morning, however we have not been promised anything as far as their safety til then. Donations to paypal please to the e-mail:  Any assistance with the wolf pack requested now. We need your help. Thank you.