April 29, 2018 – Full Moon in Scorpio ; oh My! Money; Sex; Power; All the Buttons

Sunday Morning ; Moon moves into Scorpio ; sign of this months full moon. This FULL MOON is TRINE and SEXTILE SATURN. So this power-dynamic-peak-Fullness offers practical steps to new forms. Pathways for death and rebirths to occur.

The most powerful Full Moon in Scorpio focus may be for and with each ones uniqueness; our pathways of change; of moving from one state of power to another liquid to solid or gas to liquid. If we feel we want more solidifying in our transformation ; this is the full moon for earth-based-grounding, and incarnation. Feet in the dirt. Hallelujah earth air water ; flowers!

This is a weekend of incarnating. Seed-planting; building. Saturn requests a blueprint upgrade from each one.

FULL MOON takes place at [5:58 pm pst/6:58 pm mst/ 7:58 pm cst/ 8:58 pm est]. SUN bright shining in Taurus: lights up the OPPOSITE MOON in Scorpio. Shadow clearing, healing, power-rebalancing.