April 4, 2018 – Communications, Movement, Communications, Movement

the-dome-of-the-sky-3276248_640MERCURY SQUARE MARS [12:05 am pdt] in the middle of the night, is a somewhat mentally testing type of aspect. Our sanity, peace, mental clarity, ability to make decisions, and general skills in the areas of driving, direction, and movement–are in this SQUARE today. Its a time of overcoming limitations, rising to tests, and leaping over challenges, with clear consciousness, faith in the divine and great listening skills. Mars is an active player, not one who sits on the sidelines, but jumps to the movement and dances the life. Today is a “dive in,” kinda day. Though with care and consciousness, its a presence, act, communicate, clarify, and re-member that the mind becomes even more of a passenger as we move into this “new energy.” and “new time.”

MOON TRINE MERCURY [5:51 pm pdt] MERCURY is still retrograding, going direct on tax day.old-phone-3137153_640This Trine, is a grace offering through our conscious ability to communicate well with others. The MARS SQUARE is tempered by the grace of gracious communications skills.

MERCURY is a “hot item” this evening . . . . oh the words the ears the in between them. comes close to earth [9:22 pm pdt]
. . . . . .
May we communicate more kindly, succintly, and eloquently than the ego ever really means to.