April 3, 2018 – Power and Abundance

giraffe-1959110_640 (1)MOON is still in that power scorpio sign that can be life or death! We have the power! 

MOON SEXTILES PLUTO, [7:09 am pdt/ 8:09 am mdt/ 9:09 am cdt/ 10:09 am edt] planet of power from sign of power. How do we manage our resources, our focus of attention, or true inner core powers and strengths? man-3273204_640

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER [9:06 am pdt/ 10:06 am mdt/ 11:06 am cdt/ 12:06 pm edt] – expanding our perception, our abilities, our receptors, our receivability. May we invite, allow, expand, release, move, receive nourish, grow, sustain, and align with
all that is awakening and enlivening. MOON GOES VOID at this conjunction until late tonight.  After a day of industry, yesterday, it might be a day of rest today. A day to allow the creator to guide the day, even in the in-between, circular ways that can happen!water-1759703_640 (MERCURY is STILL RETROGRADING!)

May all circles lead to the center and all mistakes or snafu’s lead to renewal, and meditation.
. . . . .
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