April 2, 2018 – Moving from Fools to Masters kinda Monday Morning – Industrious

sky-3279551_640MOOn in serious life and death dealing Scorpio SEXTILES MARS this early morning [8:18 am pdt/ 9:18 am mdt/ 10:18 am cdt/ 11:18 am edt] for an up and reaching for heights and/or depths right away in the morning. Beware the deep scorpio places that reach up and grab, run, dance, jump high, to avoid the messy violent places of misunderstood actions. Today is a day for conscientious right action.
MOON SEXTILE SATURN [8:19 am pdt/ 9:19 am mdt/ 10:19 am cdt/ 11:19 am edt] is an aspect of progress, stability, parenting of our highest selves and a true working day.

[8:44 am pdt/ 9:44 am mdt/ 10:44 am cdt/ 11:44 am edt] is a reset of our “right action,” a pattern maker for the newer more balanced patterning that we intend and choose.

horse-2115392_640MOON TRINE NEPTUNE in the evening [7:34 pm pdt/ 8:34 pm mdt/ 9:34 pm cdt/ 10:34 pm edt] brings sweet relaxation after a serious work day. Not just a work day for fools but for the intentionful focused transformer of patterns in our life today. After the work comes a fluid grace. Like a river in a crackled desert floor.
. . . . . .
img_0903.jpgAuthor’s Note: Sometimes I allow my mind to look at the complications between the wolf pack and this human world, between millionaires with resources and myself, or I think too much about “running out of dogfood money and having to ask for more,” If I just keep going, keep moving, listening, following the “next thing,” there is always a “next thing!” Isn’t that what they meant by “living in the moment?” I’ve become a pupil of the moment. What is next. Now sleep, rise, then meet the court situation of the morning. Its the night before this written day. I’m still an Easter April Fool. May we remember to play. Not to take it all too seriously even on the most serious days–like today, when Saturn is serious. Its a work day.
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