April 1, 2018 – Easter’s April Fool

grass-3249879_640Well this is a message to let everyone know we will no longer be writing STar Weather Whale daily blogs. They will now be published the following year. So you will get 2017’s daily update’s in 2018 now and then 2018’s update’s will come in 2019.

APril FOOLS from Star Weather Whale.
. . . .
MOON SQUARE PLUTO [12:05 am pdt/ 1:05 am mdt/ 2:05 am cdt/ 3:05 am edt] is an uncomfortable change point, again. Like so many times in the last 5-6 years of the grand transformation still underway.

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY [10:53 am pdt/ 11:53 am mdt/ 12:53 pm cdt/ 1:53 pm edt] is a magnificent radiance that enters this day like a resurrected holy light or a touch by the angels. This Easter Sunday is truly blessed by our ability to communicate, to intend higher, to receive divine intelligence and to allow our intuitive higher mind to guide us. (even amidst a ship of fools around us!)

easter-3204589_640MOON OPPOSITE URANUS sending Moon into the VOID between LIbra and Scorpio: [11:29 am pdt/ 12:29 pm mdt/ 1:29 pm cdt/ 2:29 pm edt] is the revolution within, moving parts, re-arranging, new discoveries, new appearances, new ideas, new encounters. Its not always easy, in the realm of the new, however new everything is where we are healthfully heading! That is what the URanus PLUTO SQUARE and all the little aspects around it like this one, are the little momentary carriers of the big shift.

MOON enters Scorpio, from the VOID [at 3:57 pm pdt/ 4:57 pm mdt/ 5:57 pm cdt/ 6:57 pm edt] oooohy deep, shamanic work to do everywhere, within and without. Dive in!

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [8:17 pm pdt/ 9:17 pm mdt/ 10:17 pm cdt/ 11:17 pm edt] is a strange awkward shining moment of love in polarized union with struggle. We love and we struggle. We are earthen and yet heavenly. How do we balance heaven and earth? Dancing, or addressing those opposite places that need to free up and dance like a full moon inspired tap-dancer on the map of the new world.

sheep-3264732_640May we dance through every difficulty, shine like stars in the darkest of places. May every April Fool, push off the shore of the falling empire and into the waters of lover’s knowings and garden growings.¬†