March 4, 2018 – Go Forth and Build Your Dreams in the River of Life Flowing

sky-1107952_640Today’s aspects are revelatory and magical. To start, the date, MARCH FORTH! is the only date in the calendar that is a natural command, to “go forth!”

SUN CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [5:54 am pst] aligns us intimately with the ultimate RIVER of LIFE. The lifeforce flow that moves, changes, births and flows life into every living thing. NEPTUNE connects us to the waters of life, physically and spiritually.

meditation-1384758_640MERCURY, CHIRON and VENUS are all in a powow all day. The exact conjunctions are: MERCURY CONJUNCT VENUS at [10:05 am pst], MERCURY CONJUNCT CHIRON [1:25 pm pst] and VENUS CONJUNCT CHIRON at [2:59 pm pst].  These planetary lights, coming together create a magnificent opportunity for creativity that leads to big healings in all directions. Communications, affections and deep soulful healing power all connect today.

MOON SQUARES PLUTO [12:36 pm pst] which is always a corner of emotional sensitivity, soulful transformative triggers, and a big shift happening, not always comfortable to the emotional self–though there should be gifts arriving as well. castle-2744263_640From Libra, MOON SEXTILE MARS and OPPOSES URANUS this evening revealing an action energy with some lightning power in it. This is an unusual SUNDAY NIGHT. It is a Sunday night of light ups, transformations, actions and changes.

May we use the energy of today for creativity, healing and our dreams next steps in the river of life. 

. . . . .
wolf-FULL MOON-Author’s Note: Calling for dogfood donors for today, tomorrow and the next day for the pack. (50 per bag, per day) We are working on our next move. I’m spending intimate time with one little wolf, healing her. The rest of the pack is being tended by Darrein while I heal my wounded knee. The fall and knee injury has slowed me down and required me to ask for help to bring supplies to the pack. There are magical happenings afoot with our new location in Maine. The New Mexico location is tentative and we are dealing with court hearings. If anyone has a supportive idea for our current New Mexico situation, please contact us. Donations for dogfood can be sent here:

LoveTagsOnRocksTHANK YOU to all of you who have sent donations through the years, to care for this pack. We love you and look forward to running and playing with you! 

March 3, 2018 – Partners and home base re-organization

MOON entered Libra before the morning [12:20 am pst]. Our sign of partners and significant others.

The only aspect today is MOON SQUARE SATURN: [1:20 pm] a corner of organization and structuring our home-life. It’s a good day for building bases and partnerships.

Time to make agreements and restructure life so it works better for all involved.

. . .

Tomorrow is a big day in the Astrological world. SUN is CONJUNCT NEPTUNE and VENUS, MERCURY and CHIRON are having a conference. Chiron and Mercury are both co-planetary-rulers of Virgo, where the full moon took place; inviting us into a fabric-of-life-held-alchemy of healing.

March 2, 2018 – Day After Full Moon: Incoming abundance; emotional big waters; communications challenge!

MERCURY TRINE JUPITER [5:05 am pst] sets the day with a tone of upliftment and abundance coming in.

MOON aspects so many planets today; we’ll have an adventure of feelings all day.


At the end of the day; the FULL MOON OPPOSITE VENUS; planet of love!

All day long the full moon flowers and alchemizes all our fears, hopes, desires and needs. May we appreciate the mysterious eclipse-like-mixes-of events that heal and unwind, unweave and reweave; all along : tending to our fabric of life in mysterious ways.

The universe loving each of us: in these mysterious ways.

. . .

Authors Note:

So much happening. I fell and hurt my knee so am on crutches and having to ask for some help and slow down. Darrein is up tending to the whole wolf pack while I have one little wolf with me ; helping me with my injured knee by howling whenever she wants to come in or go out. A beautiful singing howl. Nova is her name ; Lomi’s daughter. I especially notice : I was moving sooo fast; trying to do sooo much at once; the slowing down of my knee injury has been revelatory. Much love. May we all “slow down,” to a biological pace.

Donations for moving ; location and fencing needed: please pass the word:

March 1, 2018 – Full Moon in the sign of the wounded healer

VENUS TRINE JUPITER Pre-dawn (3:22 am pst) is an aspect of love expansion and abundance coming in. May we allow ourselves to receive this universe-grace.

ALMOST FULL MOON TRINE SATURN; we can make conscious productive steps today toward our real life goals.

FULL MOON is [at 4:51 pm pst/ 5:51 mst/ 6:51 cst/ 7:51 est] in Virgo. This Virgo/Pisces aspect brings up our areas of “reality versus our imagination” and healer heal thyself. Virgo loves DETAILS. With Virgo ; problems are solved by taking care of the next tiny detail at a time. Pisces is opposite this. It holds sweeping visions of beauty, without the details or the “how” : Pisces blesses, prays, creates visions and miracles. Virgo doesn’t do much do “imaginal world,” rather it’s all about the reality before us.

May we take care of the details that are in alignment with our imagination. May we cleanse false fears, let go of the ways we’ve been criticized and forgive (Pisces)-where the sun is now.