March 26, 2018 – Playful We Go

lion-3012515_640 (1)MOON enters playful Loving-Lion-like Leo [4:45 am pdt/ 5:45 am mdt/ 6:45 am cdt/ 7:45 am edt] This fire moon brings upliftment, warmth and sunshine to every situation.

is the main aspect today–a harmonious good way that we can be, together, in unison, harmony and synthesizing our differences into common enjoyment.

March 25, 2018 – Ooh Lots Happenin, Mercury Retro with Pluto Opposition Provides Deep SoulWork Opportunity, with Grace of Neptune

swan-2494925_640MOON is still in Mama Cancer, where it nurtures and it is SQUARE the Transformation Configuration of URANUS SQUARE PLUTO! The Shock of 9-11 reveals the dark side of that square, bringing out the deepest fears in everyone. Fear of each other, fear of terrorists, fear of the government, ours or someone elses, fear of everything was stirred on up. Meanwhile the light side of revolution, free energy, and awakening is still underway, and not forgotten, if perhaps “unseen,” or “untelevised,” as the early rock musicians told us, “this revolution will not be televised.” In other words the media will not cover it. We will know it inside.

baby-165067_640VENUS INCONJUNCT JUPITER, predawn, 
is an awkward corner for development and expression. Its ok, inconjuncts often feel awkward and they pass, moving to the next phase of the cycle. How do we put our love and our money together. We don’t know in this aspect and its ok. We dont need to know those answers right now.

son-2935723_640MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [2:52 am pdt/ 3:52 am mdt/ 4:52 am cdt/ 5:52 pm edt] though the day and week may have challenges, there is grace underneath, grace when we ask, and grace guiding the way. May we trust and wisely pray.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [5:54 am pdt/ 6:54 am mdt/ 7:54 am cdt/ 8:54 am edt] is a personal encounter with Mercury’s circular intention this cycle. What is it doing? cleaning, clearing and re-organizing? woman-pointing-3188559_640

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [1:41 pm pdt/ 2:41 pm mdt/ 3:41 pm cdt/ 4:41 pm edt] is a “little death,” let go, throw it away, clean it out! Woo Hoo! Cleaning Clearing !

MOON TRINE JUPITER [4:32 pm pdt/ 5:32 pm mdt/ 6:32 pm cdt/ 7:32 pm edt] offers more grace. As there are tension points, challenges, squares, there are also these grace aspects. Its a full day of challenges and solutions emerging.

nature-3226457_640MOON SQUARE VENUS [5:58 pm pdt/ 6:58 pm mdt/ 7:58 pm cdt/ 8:58 pm edt] is a tension aspect between feminine energies. It too passes. Mother figure and Maiden figure are at opposite ends. Their differences are simply supportive synthesis, however our ego-selves are still learning to deal with the “unique and different,” in each other. Places where we are not the same. Can we honor each other’s differences as women and still get along, or does it have to break down a friendship just because two people are different? Can we learn enough compassion to get along with each other?

people-3142549_640MOON SQUARE URANUS [11:58 pm pdt/ 12:58 am mdt/ 1:58 am late night cdt/ 2:58 am late night edt] is a revolution within. If anything is “uncomfortable,” it provides the fodder for movement, revelation, and change. What needs a changin? Its the only consistent thing–change. NOthing remains the same. This aspect might bring interesting or uncomfortable dreams in the night. One wise dream interpreter says : 50 percent of a dream is “fearful trash going out, that is irrelevant,” the other fifty percent is messages coming in, meant to be listened to by the intuition for guidance. Being able to tell “what is the trash,” and what are the messages, is a great self-intuitive skill! What needs a changin? Its a big time of re-evaluation and change!
. . . . . .

March 24, 2018 – Action – SQUARES and OPPOSITIONS

building-blocks-2065238_640MOON enters mama Cancer this morning, reminding us that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, including ourselves, needs mothering.

Today is filled with action square’s that are connected with Mars and the Sun. Our independence is calling–its spring–and like a seed: breaks open its shell and begins bounding toward the sun, we too are given the force of nature to move toward the light, and today there is quite a bit of friction for movement and change.

moon-2279198_640SUN SQUARE MOON [8:35 am pdt/ 9:35 am mdt/ 10:35 am cdt/ 11:35 am edt] Is the indicator for a shift in the cycle, from the dark side to the light side of the lunar cycle. THe next two weeks will take us across the FULL MOON, the fruition of this spring cycle, and then eventually back down to a quiet cleansing place again.

duplo-1981724_640MOON OPPOSITE MARS [8:36 am pdt/ 9:36 am mdt/ 10:36 am cdt/ 11:36 am edt] Hefty Spring Cleaning Time, clearing out cobwebs and getting the energy MOVING!

SUN SQUARE MARS [9:08 am pdt/ 10:08 am mdt/ 11:08 cdt/ 12:08 edt] –in a T-SQUARE–with MOON in the cycle shift. action, action, preparation, movement. cleaning out, building anew. action action, shining, woo woo. lots to do!lego-blocks-2458575_640

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [4:37 pm pdt/ 5:37 pm mdt/ 6:37 pm cdt/ 7:37 pm edt] is a structural call to re-organize. Spring Cleaning again–this time even the foundations and systems can be re-organized and re-assesed.

MERCURY is retrograde until April 15th, tax day, oh so appropriate for tax circles, snafu’s and “returns.” Go for your best tax return! Look for the loop holes and slip on in–Mercury Retrograde is good with all that returning and intending for magic to happen.

. . . . . . .
lego-568039_640Author’s Note:
Well its felt like I’ve been hanging off the cliff with a whole wolf pack as we look for transportation options to Maine for part of the pack and as I look around for the next southwestern location. I always feel uneasy until I know where we are going. Yesterday it landed we are going to a place in Southern Colorado–it is another temporary place–unless we purchase it–it is on the market–and we are looking at it as a possible permanent location, pending funding for purchasing the property. I am SO HAPPY to have a place to bring the animals where they will be SAFE! (and they will have nature space–habitat for them.)  Due to all this running around property hunting, and internet being out at my temporary personal office location (a borrowed room)–I’m behind on all my astrology work! This landing, finding a location is SO REASSURING. I’m SO HAPPY to know where we are going next! I’ll be releasing a fundraising campaign on Go Fund Me to raise money for fencing enclosure upgrading and the move. For now–we still need dogfood money for today and tomorrow–can anyone contribute to that. Look for the campaign and new website coming that you can pass along! Much Love and Many Howls.
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March 23, 2018 – MERCURY RETROGRADING in Good Luck Power Shift

reverse-light-634527_1280MOON is in Gemini. MOON SEXTILE MERCURY–now RETROGRADING is a day having stepped into the circular magic of mercury from yesterday’s transition, and now we are headed down the past-life, healing journey rabbit hole of this particular MERCURY RETROGRADE season of 3 weeks of before time, 3 weeks of actual retrograde, and 3 weeks of unwinding from that. We are in the middle 3 weeks of Mercury Retrograde as of yesterday.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [10:07 am pdt] is a soft gentle creative energy related to what we do when in love, or how we focus our love vibes.

VENUS SQUARE PLUTO is a shift point [4:17 pm pdt] we are all called into this corner of transformation. Death of whatever limits us from authentic truthful expression, time to overcome, reach across fear, and be real in sharing what is going on for each of us. This could create a big shift.glynn-BrainTreeLight

MOON SEXTILE URANUS is a genius moment. [8:52 pm pdt] this evening. May we all rely upon our own inner and intuitive genius, and re-new all that needs renewing–with our genius leading the way.

Blessings in the circular magical energy of Mercury Retrograde. Intention, Intention and LIstening.


March 22, 2018 – Mercury Retrograde in Aries

planet-937275_640It’s always a funny day–the day a planet changes direction–especially when it’s Mercury! THIS MERCURY RETROGRADE of three weeks (in actual retrograde); though we all speak of feeling the three weeks before and the three weeks after, the retrograde will mercury move from 16 Aries back to 4 degrees Aries.

This shift from “linear to circular,” a time of having revelatory eyes of soul path can appear frustrating as the linear administrative world may break down in small mercurial ways–especially communications systems, vehicles, and all the in-betweenners. It’s ok if things don’t work. We can move in a circular direction until we do what needs to be done on one level or another. It’s good to make “back-up-plans” and keep a copy of important phone numbers on paper in a second or third place. It’s good to make sure our kids and people know how to communicate with us if we were to lose a phone or service went out.

This is a natural time for Spring Cleaning, for redoing our websites and gardens; for going back to resurrect old deeply buried things like art, missions, ideas, writings, and our own treasure trove of the past, filled with riches, people and

This is a time for remembering the tax year, and Mercury can be a helpful ally in tax prep or with repeatable phenomenon.

Sometimes Mercury’s circular chaos is communicating something “else”. What humor magic or grace is present if we let go of whatever seems not to be working ? (Let go of time snafus and detail stews) to look at the whole fabric. To sense, feel and see with non/linear senses; what is present.

In Aries, those with Aries planets and first house themes are spiraling up in this mercury retrograde. Venus and Chiron have been communing with Mercury this 2018 and we are all ready for the creativity and communicating that really makes a difference to the creator, heart intelligence, or the world.

We are all tired of the plagiarized, distraction rhetoric of the political game and ready for wiser more meaningful leadership. That happens best “close to home.” Aligning with leadership that resonates happens first at a local intimate level. This is a time of aligning with right leadership locally; tending to the places in systems that are broken or not working.

MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE [at 5:19 pm pst/ 6:19 pm mdt/ 7:19 pm cdt/ 8:19 pm edt] so the whole day is humorized with Mercury’s slowing all the way to still point, then retrograde slowly slowly at the point of change.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [11:39 pm pdt] often feels “foggy or confusing,” a corner of shifting in the home or inner home area.

May we say an honoring poem or prayer to MERCURY our symbol in consciousness for all communications, as s-he changes direction. Like a heyoka; laughing and re-aligning, re-weaving, re-newing!

. . . .

Authors Note: I’m in concert with mercury retrograde; the internet service is out where I’m staying; where the internet is usually reliable! Thank goodness for cell phone apps ; this was written on an I-phone-app. Celebrating Mercury in death and births and resurrections! the wolf pack is happily together and cared for at their temporary interim location. They are a family and intact social pack. This is how wolves and wolf-like animals choose to live when they have a choice. In their pack–beloved soul-family.Two of us make sure they have healthy food water and tend to all their needs 24-7. Darrein has gone long stretches in a location tending to the pack all day; every day while I location scout and work on financing the food fencing and rent costs each day. Without your ongoing support their wellbeing would not be possible! Please contribute when you can and pass the word to others who can or intend to support animals and the wild through this current global transition.

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