March 22, 2018 – Mercury Retrograde in Aries

planet-937275_640It’s always a funny day–the day a planet changes direction–especially when it’s Mercury! THIS MERCURY RETROGRADE of three weeks (in actual retrograde); though we all speak of feeling the three weeks before and the three weeks after, the retrograde will mercury move from 16 Aries back to 4 degrees Aries.

This shift from “linear to circular,” a time of having revelatory eyes of soul path can appear frustrating as the linear administrative world may break down in small mercurial ways–especially communications systems, vehicles, and all the in-betweenners. It’s ok if things don’t work. We can move in a circular direction until we do what needs to be done on one level or another. It’s good to make “back-up-plans” and keep a copy of important phone numbers on paper in a second or third place. It’s good to make sure our kids and people know how to communicate with us if we were to lose a phone or service went out.

This is a natural time for Spring Cleaning, for redoing our websites and gardens; for going back to resurrect old deeply buried things like art, missions, ideas, writings, and our own treasure trove of the past, filled with riches, people and

This is a time for remembering the tax year, and Mercury can be a helpful ally in tax prep or with repeatable phenomenon.

Sometimes Mercury’s circular chaos is communicating something “else”. What humor magic or grace is present if we let go of whatever seems not to be working ? (Let go of time snafus and detail stews) to look at the whole fabric. To sense, feel and see with non/linear senses; what is present.

In Aries, those with Aries planets and first house themes are spiraling up in this mercury retrograde. Venus and Chiron have been communing with Mercury this 2018 and we are all ready for the creativity and communicating that really makes a difference to the creator, heart intelligence, or the world.

We are all tired of the plagiarized, distraction rhetoric of the political game and ready for wiser more meaningful leadership. That happens best “close to home.” Aligning with leadership that resonates happens first at a local intimate level. This is a time of aligning with right leadership locally; tending to the places in systems that are broken or not working.

MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE [at 5:19 pm pst/ 6:19 pm mdt/ 7:19 pm cdt/ 8:19 pm edt] so the whole day is humorized with Mercury’s slowing all the way to still point, then retrograde slowly slowly at the point of change.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [11:39 pm pdt] often feels “foggy or confusing,” a corner of shifting in the home or inner home area.

May we say an honoring poem or prayer to MERCURY our symbol in consciousness for all communications, as s-he changes direction. Like a heyoka; laughing and re-aligning, re-weaving, re-newing!

. . . .

Authors Note: I’m in concert with mercury retrograde; the internet service is out where I’m staying; where the internet is usually reliable! Thank goodness for cell phone apps ; this was written on an I-phone-app. Celebrating Mercury in death and births and resurrections! the wolf pack is happily together and cared for at their temporary interim location. They are a family and intact social pack. This is how wolves and wolf-like animals choose to live when they have a choice. In their pack–beloved soul-family.Two of us make sure they have healthy food water and tend to all their needs 24-7. Darrein has gone long stretches in a location tending to the pack all day; every day while I location scout and work on financing the food fencing and rent costs each day. Without your ongoing support their wellbeing would not be possible! Please contribute when you can and pass the word to others who can or intend to support animals and the wild through this current global transition.

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March 20, 2018 – Earth, Fire, Water, Begin – HAPPY EQUINOX!

hands-1926414_640Spring Equinox is an ancient marker of time that–unlike the Gregorian Calendar, which is simply “placed over the top of our time,” this ancient “time-keeper”–is cosmically held in the actual cycles of time. The Equinox, in ancient days, was not the celebration of the beginning of spring, but the middle of it! The anchor in the middle of our crossing between winter and summer.

footprints-556896_640MOON TRINE SATURN  [9:05 am pdt/ 10:05 am mdt/ 11:05 am cdt/ 12:05 pm edt] gives an awesomely practical, day of harmonious productivity, smooth walking and a good day to put our feet on the mother earth.

SUN enters zero degrees Aries,
[9:15 am pdt/ 10:15 am mdt/ 11:15 am cdt/ 12:15 pm edt] marking Spring Equinox. New Beginning Energy. We are half-way between winter solstice and summer solstice,butterfly-3241540_640we come to the fiery self-fulfilling jump-start time of year. The time of planting seeds, tilling soil, and digging the holes and platforms for our gardens and creations. Aries is independant and solo and so are we. Each of us has inner drives, desires and creative usherings that are uniquely ours. Its our willful time to cut through all limitations and barriers, and lead with our brilliance and connectedness.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE key-3087900_640 (1) [7:42 pm pdt/ 8:42 pm mdt/ 9:42 pm cdt/ 10:42 pm edt] is a harmonious connection with the flowing element of water. This river of fluid motion is always bringing us our secret longings, imaginings and dream-fluid-parts. May we dream well, magnetize the nutrition of our flowering and head toward the sunlight in our lives. We are growing toward warmth and light, just like the ground. flower-3202043_640
Being this special “middle to celebrate,” time of year, time to flow toward what we love most. Our hearts journey to the center.

MOON TRINES PLUTO tomorrow morning, for more earthy power and wonderment.
May this SPRING EQUINOX be the celebration of cycles in time, crossing into a new world and new life. May we each celebrate our independence and uniqueness, like a flower we are all growing more beautiful, and toward the light.

. . . . . . .
Author’s Note:
In the “I-Ching,” the rune of constraint, is a time when “darkness consumes light,” and there is no way to avoid this, except by being humble, taking small steps, and waiting for the creator to move the obstacles. This was a rune I drew earlier today, and have drawn frequently in this phase of eclipses the last two months. The wolf pack is still coming out of this “time of constraint,” as we look toward our next location for the summer. The pack is ready for “a return to the wild!” Financial assistance is needed to feed and maintain the Heart of a Wolf Sanctuary Pack. If you appreciate these blogs and want to support the wolf pack, please donate here: 

March 19, 2018 – Revolution in a Day

light-bulb-2577139_640New Moon Rising, in Fire aries, CONJUNCT URANUS and SQUARE PLUTO–that revolutionary square of change and pressure to change, that has been cooking us for the last five or more years. The MOON touches this place of transformation, reminding us we’ve been pressured to change (and quickly) for a long time and this is a day of resolution in the cauldron of change. Bringing the past change pieces together, as they collect around us.

MOON enters the VOID between signs with theemancipate-1779132_640MOON CONJUNCT URANUS at 12:29 pm pdt/ 1:29 pm mdt/ 2:29 pm cdt/ 3:29 pm edt]

MOON enters Venus’ sign of earthy Taurus this evening : [6:07 pm pdt]

MOON TRINE MARSenergy-3141253_640 [8:36 pm pdt] is an action moment. Even in the evening, we may feel energized with new life, new energy or a new plan.

MERCURY CONJUNCT VENUS energy-755834_640[9:02 pm pdt/ 10:02 pm mdt/ 11:02 pm cdt/ 12:02 am late night EDT] Is a Flower of Life, an Alchemical communication for our new life, new creative expression and new miracles incoming. Communicating our creativity this evening is calling. Its a good day to communicate, to share art, and to introduce our new selves to our old selves as we are unfurling in the new light.

March 18, 2018 – Tiny Growing Moon, Emerging Healing Magic

mountain-dayMoonGirl0NEW MOON SQUARE SATURN, [3:19 am pst] calls new structures and systems, new forms and new responses to a new time. We are called to invent new lives as are appropriate to the times.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS and MERCURYfeminine alchemy plays a roll in this lunar cycle we are entering now. This feminine alchemy has been stirring all year, as Venus and Mercury move together.

SUN CONJUNCT CHIRON lights up a new healing path, doorway or experience that may open a solar year of healing for each of us uniquely.sunrise-670234_1280The universe is filled with life-giving and powerful forces of nature that feed us and fuel us with constant growth, evolution and change! We are not static and we are healing! . . . . Becoming MORE WHOLE! This is a mysterious process of invisible layers of support that come from “the universe,” the mysterious fabric of life that reflects us each day, serves as the ground under our feet and the world passing by. We are held in mystical grace especially as this super dooper healing lunar cycle opens!

May the deepest healings begin anew! May renewal be the music of the year. 

March 17, 2018 – SAINT PATRICKS DAY lunar cycle – New Moon of SPRING! -Deep Mysterious Crossing

owl-469601_640The NEW MOON on March 17 is deep, sweet and begins a whole new cycle of creation, rooted in our multiple layered and thorough healing.

[6:11 am pst] is the exact time of the New Moon, sending the moon immediately into a VOID. This is a deep mysterious new moon.

So quiet and mysterious it held silence and darkness, not wanting to speak, about the mysteries it is holding for each of us in this cycle.cave-1835823_640These are gifts of healing, that the New Moon ushered in sweetly, softly and with invisible grace, unseen, unheard, perhaps unknown at first!

This NEW MOON, begins an interestingly industrious cycle. Mars, ruler of the next new moon, and the sign of spring coming, enters industrious Capricorn, just as MOON enters Aries later in the day, after the New Moon brings us into the VOID between Pisces and Aries. This is a quiet deep place of renewal and mysterious rebirth, healing and new life yet unseen.

sunflower-seed-1213766_1280MOON SQUARE MARS shows the work for us to do in sprouting and cultivating each one of us our own gardens this year. Inner, outer, work and creative GARDENS we grow.

. . . . . .

Author’s Note: this is a deep and sweet new moon, that was so quiet, i had a need to be with my animals in nature and quietly listening, more than putting anything out on computer. It was today that the energy of the new moon was more tangible for me to write about. Before today it was deep and trasnformative so much so, unformed, and unwritten. We’ve each had our own silent time of rereation and renewal, mysterious things happening that were “unseen,” for each of us. Now we move forward into what feels like a powerful healing and work-re-aligning cycle for each of us.

We are still in transition between locations. The new locations are emerging, the old one is barely held together by court dates. Donations toward food and fencing always needed. For the Wolf Pack:
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