March 31, 2018 – FULL MOON in Aries – Partnershift Point Within

dog-1596920_640The FULL MOON in Aries highlights all the dynamics of “ourselves and others,” our independence or codependence, or interconnectedness with all of the rest of the social fabric. How do we “escape the social fabric,” and how do we engage with it?

MERCURY is still RETROGRADE through Tax-Day-April 15th, when it stations to go direct, making for a confusing, circular tax season. This is a good tax season to find new “loopholes,” new deductions, or new government benefits that assist you, instead of take from you. Its a good time to change from one tax status to another, to go back and ask for old refunds on old mistakes, or collect old debts. If you owe what you think is “too much money,” anywhere, ask the Mercury-Retrograde-Master-Angels (those who work in the invisible world as your ally who connect with planetary and/or what we can call “zodiacal energies.”mountain-goats-1156056_640

These Zodiacal energies are your friend. They want to see you thrive, create, heal, regenerate, enliven, wake up, get happy and collaborate with others. They are benevolent helpers and you can ask for help, guidance and receive it. Asking, intending, wanting to know how is the first step to any miracle.

MOON SQUARE MARS [12:12 am pdt/ 1:12 am mdt/ 2:12 am cdt/ 3:12 am edt] is a middle of the night movement. Did you wake up and need to do jumping jacks? Are you called to fearlessly leap from one state, one place, or one job to another?

MOON SQUARE SATURN [2:22 am pdt/ 3:22 am mdt/ 4:22 am cdt/ 5:22 am edt] Springtime ushers transitions. From seed to breaking the shell open and growing toward the light, pushing through rocks, shit, compost and dark matter, to get to the light that nourishes. We have to do that too. we have to move, push, reach, intend and stretch toward our future manifestations, before they arrive.goat-608286_640They arrive on the hands of our stretches, reaches and intentions for them, in time, not always when we want them, especially in these crazy times, however our patience and clarity brings our next steps into view. Saturn Loves Patience and Clarity. Clear intention on the foundation of patience is a good Saturn elixir for success.

MOON in Aries OPPOSITE SUN in Libra (FULL MOON)–happens as the saturday morning arrives. [5:37 am pdt/ 6:37 am mdt/ 7:37 am cdt/ 8:37 am edt] Good Full Moon Morning!

This is a cycle peak point and shift point. The peak of “fruition of energy expansion to the peak,” as well as a shift from the waxing light side of the cycle to the waning light side. The light in this spring cycle now wanes gently unfolding down to the New Moon on April 15th. New Moon and Mercury Direct!

woman-639420_640Deep blessings in this FULL MOON light. May all imbalances, illnesses, incompletions, heart-breaks, and overcomings, be strong and clear. May our inner fire burn away all past limiting karma, past limiting beliefs, and free us from oppressive ways of living. May we allow the zodiacal energies to lift us up into our clear intentions. May we be clear.
. . . . .

Author’s Note: HAPPY FULL MOON everyone! Happy FULLNESS, happy shift point, Happy intend what you need to be clear about right now. Love, from the stars, the astrologer and the wolf pack. Readings have been ultra powerful lately. Maybe its Mercury Retrograde, rooting from the past and growing into the future, like a spiralling solution circler. Connect about readings by e-mailing:

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