March 29, 2018 – Work, Swim, Transform, Expand, Change the work, Repeat

lego-blocks-2458575_640SUN SQUARE SATURN [7:16 am pdt] offers a corner for re-organization and a work upgrade or re-alignment.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [8:49 am pdt] is for swimming. Its literally a good day to go swimming, stroking the water, moving it about within and without. body-of-water-3268246_640
MOON TRINE PLUTO [7:35 pm pdt] is an aspect of power and self-driven transformation by choice.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [9:59 pm pdt] is an expansion, that comes after a day of good work and water-honoring-swimming. woman-3214594_640The days aspects are full of power, feeling, change and good work well done. May the day unfold like a true earth-warrior-day. We are here, walking our path of not only our daily “work,” but the “greater work,” that each soul has etched within our heart. Deep blessings to your journey upon the path of “the great work,” whatever that is for you!!
. . . . . .
dog-610069_640Author’s Note: I’m delivering a bunch of bones today to the pack–this will be very exciting. It took me a few days to gather up enough so the whole pack can be treated with this soothing, nourishing gift. After delivering to the pack, I’ll be off to a wilderness area, several hours from where we are now, to explore possible locations for the pack for the summer. In the summer its easier for myself and or other wolf caretakers to live “in the middle of nowhere,” like in a cabin, and for them to be more free, in certain areas. I’m exploring one possible area today!
Donations for the wolf pack appreciated!