March 25, 2018 – Ooh Lots Happenin, Mercury Retro with Pluto Opposition Provides Deep SoulWork Opportunity, with Grace of Neptune

swan-2494925_640MOON is still in Mama Cancer, where it nurtures and it is SQUARE the Transformation Configuration of URANUS SQUARE PLUTO! The Shock of 9-11 reveals the dark side of that square, bringing out the deepest fears in everyone. Fear of each other, fear of terrorists, fear of the government, ours or someone elses, fear of everything was stirred on up. Meanwhile the light side of revolution, free energy, and awakening is still underway, and not forgotten, if perhaps “unseen,” or “untelevised,” as the early rock musicians told us, “this revolution will not be televised.” In other words the media will not cover it. We will know it inside.

baby-165067_640VENUS INCONJUNCT JUPITER, predawn, 
is an awkward corner for development and expression. Its ok, inconjuncts often feel awkward and they pass, moving to the next phase of the cycle. How do we put our love and our money together. We don’t know in this aspect and its ok. We dont need to know those answers right now.

son-2935723_640MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [2:52 am pdt/ 3:52 am mdt/ 4:52 am cdt/ 5:52 pm edt] though the day and week may have challenges, there is grace underneath, grace when we ask, and grace guiding the way. May we trust and wisely pray.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [5:54 am pdt/ 6:54 am mdt/ 7:54 am cdt/ 8:54 am edt] is a personal encounter with Mercury’s circular intention this cycle. What is it doing? cleaning, clearing and re-organizing? woman-pointing-3188559_640

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [1:41 pm pdt/ 2:41 pm mdt/ 3:41 pm cdt/ 4:41 pm edt] is a “little death,” let go, throw it away, clean it out! Woo Hoo! Cleaning Clearing !

MOON TRINE JUPITER [4:32 pm pdt/ 5:32 pm mdt/ 6:32 pm cdt/ 7:32 pm edt] offers more grace. As there are tension points, challenges, squares, there are also these grace aspects. Its a full day of challenges and solutions emerging.

nature-3226457_640MOON SQUARE VENUS [5:58 pm pdt/ 6:58 pm mdt/ 7:58 pm cdt/ 8:58 pm edt] is a tension aspect between feminine energies. It too passes. Mother figure and Maiden figure are at opposite ends. Their differences are simply supportive synthesis, however our ego-selves are still learning to deal with the “unique and different,” in each other. Places where we are not the same. Can we honor each other’s differences as women and still get along, or does it have to break down a friendship just because two people are different? Can we learn enough compassion to get along with each other?

people-3142549_640MOON SQUARE URANUS [11:58 pm pdt/ 12:58 am mdt/ 1:58 am late night cdt/ 2:58 am late night edt] is a revolution within. If anything is “uncomfortable,” it provides the fodder for movement, revelation, and change. What needs a changin? Its the only consistent thing–change. NOthing remains the same. This aspect might bring interesting or uncomfortable dreams in the night. One wise dream interpreter says : 50 percent of a dream is “fearful trash going out, that is irrelevant,” the other fifty percent is messages coming in, meant to be listened to by the intuition for guidance. Being able to tell “what is the trash,” and what are the messages, is a great self-intuitive skill! What needs a changin? Its a big time of re-evaluation and change!
. . . . . .