March 24, 2018 – Action – SQUARES and OPPOSITIONS

building-blocks-2065238_640MOON enters mama Cancer this morning, reminding us that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, including ourselves, needs mothering.

Today is filled with action square’s that are connected with Mars and the Sun. Our independence is calling–its spring–and like a seed: breaks open its shell and begins bounding toward the sun, we too are given the force of nature to move toward the light, and today there is quite a bit of friction for movement and change.

moon-2279198_640SUN SQUARE MOON [8:35 am pdt/ 9:35 am mdt/ 10:35 am cdt/ 11:35 am edt] Is the indicator for a shift in the cycle, from the dark side to the light side of the lunar cycle. THe next two weeks will take us across the FULL MOON, the fruition of this spring cycle, and then eventually back down to a quiet cleansing place again.

duplo-1981724_640MOON OPPOSITE MARS [8:36 am pdt/ 9:36 am mdt/ 10:36 am cdt/ 11:36 am edt] Hefty Spring Cleaning Time, clearing out cobwebs and getting the energy MOVING!

SUN SQUARE MARS [9:08 am pdt/ 10:08 am mdt/ 11:08 cdt/ 12:08 edt] –in a T-SQUARE–with MOON in the cycle shift. action, action, preparation, movement. cleaning out, building anew. action action, shining, woo woo. lots to do!lego-blocks-2458575_640

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [4:37 pm pdt/ 5:37 pm mdt/ 6:37 pm cdt/ 7:37 pm edt] is a structural call to re-organize. Spring Cleaning again–this time even the foundations and systems can be re-organized and re-assesed.

MERCURY is retrograde until April 15th, tax day, oh so appropriate for tax circles, snafu’s and “returns.” Go for your best tax return! Look for the loop holes and slip on in–Mercury Retrograde is good with all that returning and intending for magic to happen.

. . . . . . .
lego-568039_640Author’s Note:
Well its felt like I’ve been hanging off the cliff with a whole wolf pack as we look for transportation options to Maine for part of the pack and as I look around for the next southwestern location. I always feel uneasy until I know where we are going. Yesterday it landed we are going to a place in Southern Colorado–it is another temporary place–unless we purchase it–it is on the market–and we are looking at it as a possible permanent location, pending funding for purchasing the property. I am SO HAPPY to have a place to bring the animals where they will be SAFE! (and they will have nature space–habitat for them.)  Due to all this running around property hunting, and internet being out at my temporary personal office location (a borrowed room)–I’m behind on all my astrology work! This landing, finding a location is SO REASSURING. I’m SO HAPPY to know where we are going next! I’ll be releasing a fundraising campaign on Go Fund Me to raise money for fencing enclosure upgrading and the move. For now–we still need dogfood money for today and tomorrow–can anyone contribute to that. Look for the campaign and new website coming that you can pass along! Much Love and Many Howls.
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