March 23, 2018 – MERCURY RETROGRADING in Good Luck Power Shift

reverse-light-634527_1280MOON is in Gemini. MOON SEXTILE MERCURY–now RETROGRADING is a day having stepped into the circular magic of mercury from yesterday’s transition, and now we are headed down the past-life, healing journey rabbit hole of this particular MERCURY RETROGRADE season of 3 weeks of before time, 3 weeks of actual retrograde, and 3 weeks of unwinding from that. We are in the middle 3 weeks of Mercury Retrograde as of yesterday.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [10:07 am pdt] is a soft gentle creative energy related to what we do when in love, or how we focus our love vibes.

VENUS SQUARE PLUTO is a shift point [4:17 pm pdt] we are all called into this corner of transformation. Death of whatever limits us from authentic truthful expression, time to overcome, reach across fear, and be real in sharing what is going on for each of us. This could create a big shift.glynn-BrainTreeLight

MOON SEXTILE URANUS is a genius moment. [8:52 pm pdt] this evening. May we all rely upon our own inner and intuitive genius, and re-new all that needs renewing–with our genius leading the way.

Blessings in the circular magical energy of Mercury Retrograde. Intention, Intention and LIstening.