March 22, 2018 – Mercury Retrograde in Aries

planet-937275_640It’s always a funny day–the day a planet changes direction–especially when it’s Mercury! THIS MERCURY RETROGRADE of three weeks (in actual retrograde); though we all speak of feeling the three weeks before and the three weeks after, the retrograde will mercury move from 16 Aries back to 4 degrees Aries.

This shift from “linear to circular,” a time of having revelatory eyes of soul path can appear frustrating as the linear administrative world may break down in small mercurial ways–especially communications systems, vehicles, and all the in-betweenners. It’s ok if things don’t work. We can move in a circular direction until we do what needs to be done on one level or another. It’s good to make “back-up-plans” and keep a copy of important phone numbers on paper in a second or third place. It’s good to make sure our kids and people know how to communicate with us if we were to lose a phone or service went out.

This is a natural time for Spring Cleaning, for redoing our websites and gardens; for going back to resurrect old deeply buried things like art, missions, ideas, writings, and our own treasure trove of the past, filled with riches, people and

This is a time for remembering the tax year, and Mercury can be a helpful ally in tax prep or with repeatable phenomenon.

Sometimes Mercury’s circular chaos is communicating something “else”. What humor magic or grace is present if we let go of whatever seems not to be working ? (Let go of time snafus and detail stews) to look at the whole fabric. To sense, feel and see with non/linear senses; what is present.

In Aries, those with Aries planets and first house themes are spiraling up in this mercury retrograde. Venus and Chiron have been communing with Mercury this 2018 and we are all ready for the creativity and communicating that really makes a difference to the creator, heart intelligence, or the world.

We are all tired of the plagiarized, distraction rhetoric of the political game and ready for wiser more meaningful leadership. That happens best “close to home.” Aligning with leadership that resonates happens first at a local intimate level. This is a time of aligning with right leadership locally; tending to the places in systems that are broken or not working.

MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE [at 5:19 pm pst/ 6:19 pm mdt/ 7:19 pm cdt/ 8:19 pm edt] so the whole day is humorized with Mercury’s slowing all the way to still point, then retrograde slowly slowly at the point of change.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [11:39 pm pdt] often feels “foggy or confusing,” a corner of shifting in the home or inner home area.

May we say an honoring poem or prayer to MERCURY our symbol in consciousness for all communications, as s-he changes direction. Like a heyoka; laughing and re-aligning, re-weaving, re-newing!

. . . .

Authors Note: I’m in concert with mercury retrograde; the internet service is out where I’m staying; where the internet is usually reliable! Thank goodness for cell phone apps ; this was written on an I-phone-app. Celebrating Mercury in death and births and resurrections! the wolf pack is happily together and cared for at their temporary interim location. They are a family and intact social pack. This is how wolves and wolf-like animals choose to live when they have a choice. In their pack–beloved soul-family.Two of us make sure they have healthy food water and tend to all their needs 24-7. Darrein has gone long stretches in a location tending to the pack all day; every day while I location scout and work on financing the food fencing and rent costs each day. Without your ongoing support their wellbeing would not be possible! Please contribute when you can and pass the word to others who can or intend to support animals and the wild through this current global transition.

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