March 18, 2018 – Tiny Growing Moon, Emerging Healing Magic

mountain-dayMoonGirl0NEW MOON SQUARE SATURN, [3:19 am pst] calls new structures and systems, new forms and new responses to a new time. We are called to invent new lives as are appropriate to the times.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS and MERCURYfeminine alchemy plays a roll in this lunar cycle we are entering now. This feminine alchemy has been stirring all year, as Venus and Mercury move together.

SUN CONJUNCT CHIRON lights up a new healing path, doorway or experience that may open a solar year of healing for each of us uniquely.sunrise-670234_1280The universe is filled with life-giving and powerful forces of nature that feed us and fuel us with constant growth, evolution and change! We are not static and we are healing! . . . . Becoming MORE WHOLE! This is a mysterious process of invisible layers of support that come from “the universe,” the mysterious fabric of life that reflects us each day, serves as the ground under our feet and the world passing by. We are held in mystical grace especially as this super dooper healing lunar cycle opens!

May the deepest healings begin anew! May renewal be the music of the year.