March 15, 2018 – Soft Slow Actions, like the Snail

snail-1346717_640MOON SEXTILE MARS before heading out of Aquarius, pre-dawn. Into our dreams unfolding a new world.

At the end of the eclipse portal; new moon is the 17th so we surf the very end waning dark of the moon cycle. Eclipses are death cycles marking “the end of the old.”

MOON enters Pisces at {3:12 am pst] before dawn arrives today. We are swimming in our tender hearts. Gently, in full color,barefoot-Pebblesknowing we are the “artists of God.” . . . each in our own way.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN, [7:07 pm pst] slow, soft, sensitive stretching across the earth, one foot at a time. slowly slowly unfurling the magic of life within us.
. . . . .

Authors Note: that eclipse portal affected my Leo sun so it’s been a bit rough to get through! I’m grateful we are finally at the end with a new moon around the bend. The wolves need all of our support! We spend 50-100 per day on dogfood. I still need to buy today’s bags and tomorrow so if anyone wants to assist with feeding we are all grateful!