March 14, 2018 – As the Raven flies, so too do we!

common-raven-3181479_640MOON SQUARE JUPITER [1:53 pm pst]From the sign of Aquarius, our inner intimate knowing is expanding, truths are emerging from within us and its wonderful although it may be edgy, or feel strange to us, we are on the right path if the dark truths and light ones are emerging to be shared and cared for. Heared and Cleared! Shine the light upon it and it can fly to its right place too. –Says JUPITER, grandfather of lighting itCrop Circle - July 26, 2011all up!

MOON SEXTILE URANUS in the evening makes it a potential eye-opening radical or fun, even a good night for comedy kinda night. Exact at: [8:34 pm pst/ 9:34 pm mst/ 10:34 pm cst/ 11:34 pm est]

May we allow the circular magic, may we let go of the past, may we laugh.