March 12, 2018 – Receiving the Circular Magic Afoot

tree-2501584_640“This World is NOT as it Appears to Be” – said Gandalf the magician. Says the tree, . . . . says the nature in our surrounding Fabric of Life . . . . that LOVES us!

MOON SEXTILES JUPITER freshly RETROGRADING, coming back for the moon. [2 am pst/ 3 am mst/ 4 am cst/ 5 am est] and the circular magic has already begun, had begun . . . . long ago, even before we were born this time. This life, and those before, there is a magic thread that weaves us through time, more than one thread, many. Today is a day to honor the circles and cycles, the repeated appearances of so many of us and the celebration in our continued moai-1857652_640journey forward, even as we receive the grace and abundance that was always and has always been–ours. May we see, feel and know this grace as the tide is turning our attention to ancestors and gifts from the past. Ancestors of past and future who carry us across the transitions in life the change times like now for humanity.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [8:36 am pst] invites, invokes and ushers our involvement in our home-life. A “transformation is afoot,” in an invisible or not so invisible world. Change often seems uncomfortable even when it is the best thing for us and for all. May we work our way in grace through change.

MOON enters the VOID this morning, until leaving tcorrugated-small-gray-butterfly-2343071_640he “in-between world,” for Aquarius, URANUS’ sign, at 3:44 pm. We are finding our soul tribe and our pods. Often its occuring without us “knowing,” (especially our ego’s understanding)–not–. . . who or how or what this is . . . . yet soul pods come together. LIke cells of the butterfly. May we honor the collecting cellular body of the phoenix and butterfly, as the eclipse cycle wanes, from its most potent death/rebirth focus.

butterfly-115825_640VENUS SQUARES SATURN early tomorrow morning, making it a deep art-work-day! our art is our work and our work our art and that work is today, tomorrow and the next day, in focus. May our art within be honored and expressed, gently, in our own flow, as it is. 

. . . . . . . . .
Author’s Note:
The author loves you!